Silverstring enhance Predatar software – the ultimate automation App for Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM)

20 March 2012
Predatar is the TSM 6 ready software application designed to reduce costs and extract the maximum performance from your TSM infrastructure.

The latest release of Predatar 6.5 delivers new features which allow users to be more productive and give them greater visibility into their Tivoli environment. Predatar is an ideal application for many companies who would like to simplify and streamline TSM administration.

To help get customers up to speed with the new features available in Predatar 6.5 and to help set up the powerful new client reporting, Silverstring are holding complimentary 1hr online workshops throughout April. To book your place simply email us:

The new upgrade includes the following new features:

• Deduplication reporting – with the release of TSM 6 many clients are taking advantage of the native deduplication data reduction capability. The new Predatar report tracks deduplication ratios across your whole TSM environment and allows you to drill into specific disk pools and TSM nodes

• Enhanced Operators Console – since the release of the Console in October 2011 users have been able to automate many repetitive TSM client related tasks. The new release expands the capability of the Operators Console

• Increased customisation of the client success report. Many of our clients are fanatical about service levels and now with the new Client Report they can further customise the ways they receive key service metrics relating to TSM

• Enhanced security - encryption has been updated to 1024 bit RSA/AES encryption