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Why storage virtualisation?

Posted by Dave White on 27-Nov-2015 17:13:33

Topics: Data Storage, IBM, object storage, storage virtualisation,

Storage virtualisation is a fast growing technology in the datacenter, making a perfect complement to the more established server virtualisation.

By abstracting advanced function in software the technology helps to commoditise storage purchasing and simplify its management.

Storage specialist Dave White thought it best to try and clarify a few points and answer a few questions.

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Analysis or Paralysis?

Posted by Alistair Mackenzie on 20-Nov-2015 15:43:31

Topics: IBM, MSPs, Predatar, Analytics

 Disruptive IT resellers are using analytics tools to transform the traditional channel business model.

Many IT buyers have questioned the “value” part in the Value Added Reseller model with some predi

Disruptive IT resellers are using analytics tools to transform the traditional channel business model.

Many IT buyers have questioned the “value” part in the Value Added Reseller model with some predicting the death of the traditional VAR sales person. The value of the seller has been eroded because of several trends:

cting the death of t

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New backup challenges – the Office 365 conundrum

Posted by Thomas Cowley on 13-Nov-2015 10:36:07

Topics: IBM, backup, skype, VOIP


Microsoft’s utility-computing Office 365 offering takes email out of the corporate domain and places it firmly into the welcoming, low-maintenance home of the cloud.  This has triggered something of an unexpected data protection issue outside of email.  Bundled in the install of Office 365 is what was known as Lync, and is now renamed Skype For Business.  This is the Unified Communications (or UC for short) extension to email: instant messaging and voice over IP (VOIP), if you want to use it.

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EU Safe Harbour – Storm in a teacup or the perfect storm for digital disaster?

Posted by Joe Mayhew on 06-Nov-2015 17:15:25

Topics: Cloud, Data Protection


Firstly, I must state that I am not a lawyer or have any background in the legal profession and this blog does not offer any advice grounded in legal substance whatsoever and simply serves as a discussion point, the only advice is to seek professional legal advice of your own.

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Cloudy Assumptions Around Data Protection

Posted by Thomas Cowley on 16-Oct-2015 15:21:07

Topics: Cloud, Data Protection, hybrid cloud, TSM, Spectrum Protect


How do you backup your cloud application data? 

It’s a simple question, but one that a lot of CIOs and IT Directors seem to be blind-sided by.  There’s a simple brush-off: ‘our cloud provider looks after that’. 

Do they?  Are you sure? What SLAs do you have around recovery for your cloud service?  


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What’s Object Storage got to do with Spectrum Protect (TSM)?

Posted by Alistair Mackenzie on 09-Oct-2015 14:29:38

Topics: Storage Software, Data Management, News, TSM, Spectrum Protect, object storage


Every year, for at least the last six years, our chief engineer has asked his team to look at object storage for enterprise backup architectures. The answer has always been the same – it’s too expensive for all but the very largest enterprises.

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Silverstring 5 a side

Posted by Silverstring on 02-Oct-2015 16:05:29

Topics: Storage Software, Data Management, News, TSM

Silverstring emerged a triumphant runner up at the second annual Whiteoaks (our PR Company’s) 5 a side tournament held at Wembley on the 25th September. 

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Another Brick in the Wall – IBM strengthens its data protection portfolio with new virtualisation features

Posted by Alistair Mackenzie on 25-Sep-2015 09:06:15

Topics: Data Protection, Storage Software, Data Management, News, TSM

In our previous blog about Spectrum Protect (TSM) 7.1.3, we touched upon the enhancements for backup and restore of VMware environments, but focussed on the deduplication enhancements in the new release. It was a flip of a coin that decided which feature we wanted to focus on first, so we wanted to quickly cover the VMware angle. Why?


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Introducing Joe Mayhew- Head of Cloud Services

Posted by Joe Mayhew on 11-Sep-2015 03:30:00

Topics: Cloud, Storage Software, Data Management, News, backup, hybrid cloud, DRaaS, BaaS

Introducing Joe Mayhew, who has recently joined Silverstring as Head of Cloud Services.  Joe joins Silverstring with 18 year's experience in the IT industry and wealth of experience to bring to the team as we partake on our cloud journey, 

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The state of the data protection market – bringing it all together

Posted by Thomas Cowley on 04-Sep-2015 15:09:14

Topics: Flash, Data Deduplication, Data Storage, Storage Software, turbo compression, flash storage

In our last few blog posts we’ve covered a number of different, key subjects that really outline the interesting state of the current market.  It’s said that the only consistent thing about the IT marketplace is that it is always changing.  For the first time in a few years, in our specialist sector, this is currently more true than ever before.

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