A cloud - based service for managing the most demanding data protection workloads.

Silverstring delivers enterprise-grade data backup as a service (BaaS), powered by IBM’s renowned SoftLayer infrastructure and the award-winning Predatar cloud app.

Predatar Backup as a Service uses the latest version of IBM’s Spectrum Protect software to protect your data and offers a choice of cloud security models based on customer requirements.

For organisations with multiple locations, it removes the need to provision either multiple or cross-site data protection solutions, and it eliminates the obligation to keep investing money in tapes for offsite data protection as data growth intensifies.

Silverstring’s Predatar suite gives complete transparency of data security, allowing you to see when your data was last backed up, and how much data is being stored on your servers.

The Predatar service catalogue allows you to set retention policies, extra copies, and backup frequencies based on the criticality of the data to your operation and gives you the opportunity to set up chargeback functionality into lines of business within your organisation.

With no upfront costs and usage-based monthly billing, Predatar Backup as aService allows you to keep on top of your data protection requirements without infrastructure expenditure whenever you need to add extra workload.



How BaaS works


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BaaS powered by Predatar

BaaS powered by Predatar provides all the benefits of IBM Spectrum Protect and IBM Cloud but with no upfront costs or asset management requirement. 

Usage-based monthly billing enables cost-effective implementation and minimal waste. Predatar management software connects your on and off-site workloads within one seamless data protection application.