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IBM Storwize V7000 - Can It Really Be As Beneficial As It’s Reported To Be?

Posted by richardbatespredatar on 20-Jul-2012 10:00:49

Topics: Storage Management, Partners and Resellers

Good morning,

After seeing lots of coverage recently around IBM’s Storwize V7000, I wanted to take the time today to explain a little more about it and look at just how beneficial many say it can be.

As one of the largest technology companies in the world (in every respect, from turnover through to employees), IBM have an absolute wealth of products that they offer across their entire range of services.

Showing the company’s size, in the past decade IBM have filed - and successfully received - more patents than any other company, not only making their product portfolio expansive, but arguably more enviable than any of their competitors’.


The Recent Predatar And Back 2 Basics II Events - How Valuable Were They To You?

Posted by richardbatespredatar on 29-Jun-2012 10:00:09

Topics: Events

Good morning,

Over the past few weeks, there have been a number of events taking place related to Predatar V6.5 and data management, largely provided through one of our resellers, Silverstring.

From the range of free webex training sessions that were aimed to get you up to speed with the latest Predatar release, to the complimentary one-to-one workshops to show you just what TSM can do for you today - and not forgetting the Back 2 Basics II event which took place on 15th June, which was all about YOUR data - the aim across all of the events was to provide you, the user, with a better understanding of how you can benefit from Predatar V6.5 and TSM.


Back 2 Basics II - This Time, It’s All About Data

Posted by richardbatespredatar on 11-May-2012 10:00:07

Topics: Partners and Resellers, Back 2 Basics

Morning everyone,

In September last year, Predatar reseller Silverstring ran their very first Back 2 Basics event. Taking place at London’s Royal Exchange, the aim of the event was to provide an insight into the Cloud and to look at the importance of having your storage management systems under control before you migrated, all in a relaxed and informal environment over the course of a few hours.

After an overwhelming amount of feedback, they’re now running Back 2 Basics II and this time, the focus is on your data.

Taking place between 11.00am and 3.00pm on Friday 15th June 2012 in the stunning Churchill War Rooms, London, the aim of the event, as with the first one back in September, is to talk about the things that really affect your business, providing information that you can take away and use to develop better and more effective systems and processes.


How Beneficial Can The New Tivoli User Community Be To Resolving TSM Woes?

Posted by richardbatespredatar on 05-Apr-2012 15:00:41

Topics: IBM Pulse 2012, Events, Predatar V6.5

Good afternoon,

At the end of my last blog post (‘What Steps Are You Taking To Prepare For Data Growth?’), I mentioned about the IBM Pulse 2012 event that was taking place in early March.

Along with my colleagues, I attended the event and simply put, it was fantastic!

We had the opportunity to meet a number of different people, talked about TSM, data storage and how Predatar V6.5 can be of particular benefit to their organisation. As well as this, we were able to see a number of great talks throughout the event.


What Steps Are You Taking To Prepare For Data Growth?

Posted by richardbatespredatar on 02-Mar-2012 09:00:19

Topics: Storage Management

Good morning,

I've worked in the storage management and data protection industry for many years now and throughout my working years, I've seen unprecedented growth and developments in almost every related area.

While most would agree the mainstream technological advances of late are astounding, it's often the lesser seen developments that are the most exciting - it has to be remembered that it wasn't that along ago when we were relying on systems to transfer only a few megabytes of data per hour.

Although we might sit in awe at iPads and ultra-thin LED televisions today, there's no doubt that for businesses, the continual development of storage management technology has been imperative to their on-going growth and success.


IBM Tivoli Pulse 2012: Predatar Are Attending – Are You?

Posted by richardbatespredatar on 03-Feb-2012 09:00:50

Topics: IBM Pulse 2012, Events

Good morning,

Firstly, it may be a little belated, but Happy New Year! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year and January hasn't made it seem too much of a distant memory.

For those of you who follow Predatar on Twitter – or in fact any of IBM's Tivoli accounts - you'll be aware that one of the main discussion points over the past few weeks has been IBM's Pulse 2012 event.


Reflecting On 2011: The Year Of Predatar V6.5

Posted by richardbatespredatar on 23-Dec-2011 09:00:17

Topics: General

Good morning,

What a year 2011 has been!

From the continued worldwide commercial development of 3D viewing, to the deeply saddening news that Steve Jobs, one of the world's most prominent technological figures, passed away on 5th October 2011 aged just 56, it seems every part of the technology industry has seen some particular highs and lows throughout the past 12 months.

While every organization, irrelevant of their size, sees peaks and troughs throughout the year, I'm extremely pleased to say that for Predatar, the number of peaks we experienced throughout 2011 vastly outweighed any minor troughs.


What Do You Find Is The Most Useful Feature Of Predatar V6.5?

Posted by richardbatespredatar on 08-Nov-2011 09:00:56

Topics: General

Good morning,

It's been a few weeks since Predatar V6.5 was announced to the market and as I said in my first blog post, we're extremely proud of the product we've developed, as we firmly believe it can be of benefit to every organization utilizing Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM).

Developed and tested extensively, it's packed full of features that make Predatar V6.5 a full automation App for TSM, offering the ability to make some processes completely automated, something that no other App for TSM currently provides.


Predatar V6.5 Is Here - It's Time To Take Advantage Of A Full Automation App For TSM

Posted by richardbatespredatar on 20-Oct-2011 10:00:19

Topics: General, Predatar V6.5

Good morning,

My name is Richard Bates and I'm the Chief Technical Officer at Predatar.

We've redeveloped our Predatar blog over the last few weeks and both myself and my colleagues will be doing our utmost to provide you with fresh, useful and up-to-date content on Predatar.

And the first point I want to talk about is the release of the new Predatar software, Predatar V6.5.


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