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What does recovering your data actually cost?

Posted by Silverstring on 25-Nov-2016 17:00:00

Topics: DRaaS, cost of recovery, Diaster Recovery

Business cases for investment in Disaster Recovery are notoriously hard to justify. It's all about risk mitigation, so anything you can do to reduce upfront investment costs and long-term contractual commitments is obviously going to be appealing to the board of a company. Cloud DR solutions support this and more. They provide low cost of entry, they are subscription based, and you can expand or contract the solution as required.


From turbo compression to cracking the dedupe code: Blogs you have loved

Posted by Silverstring on 12-Feb-2016 17:22:09

Topics: Data Deduplication, turbo compression, TSM, Predatar

At Silverstring we have some avid blog writers, from storage story teller Anton James, to our very own CEO Alistair Mackenzie.  So, we thought when better to recap our most loved blogs than Valentine’s Day. We didn’t like the idea of our blogs sitting there lonely, getting little attention on such a romantic “holiday”, after all everyone deserves a little special attention now and again.  


Silverstring 5 a side

Posted by Silverstring on 02-Oct-2015 16:05:29

Topics: Storage Software, Data Management, News, TSM

Silverstring emerged a triumphant runner up at the second annual Whiteoaks (our PR Company’s) 5 a side tournament held at Wembley on the 25th September. 


Five questions you need to ask your IT Department about flash and why you should ask them.

Posted by Silverstring on 07-Aug-2015 15:36:31

Topics: Cloud, Flash, Disaster Recovery, Storage Software, DRaaS, BaaS

It’s been hard to miss the almighty shouting across the industry about flash and SSD storage over the past 18 months. We’ve seen it starting to proliferate in some of our early adopting customers.  Obviously, it promises speed, but that’s what the IT industry has promised us all since about forever, but what are the questions you should really be asking your IT department, to understand whether you should be introducing flash storage into your estate, or not?


Improving data protection with hybrid cloud

Posted by Silverstring on 24-Jul-2015 13:00:00

Topics: Cloud, Flash, Disaster Recovery, Storage Software, hybrid cloud, DRaaS, BaaS

From software and applications, to storage, the cloud continues to dominate the IT agenda. However, with many business-specific factors to consider, hybrid cloud adoption should not be viewed as one of the first steps in a wholesale move to the cloud. Instead, the aim should be to get the best of two or more different elements by bringing them together and creating a faster and more agile solution.



Summer Sizzler 2015

Posted by Silverstring on 26-Jun-2015 17:00:00

Topics: Data Management, News, BBQ

This year’s Silverstring Summer Spectacular has a stellar line up and looks to be bigger and better then ever before.


Do You Generate Your Own Electricity? Then Why Manage Your Own IT?

Posted by Silverstring on 29-May-2015 08:36:00

Topics: Backups, Disaster Recovery, Data Management, MSPs

In a world leaning towards availability and accessibility, we thought it was time we looked at why a Managed Service option from Silverstring could be just the thing for you.



Software Defined Storage And Backup - The True User Link Between Silverstring And IBM?

Posted by Silverstring on 01-May-2015 09:40:00

Topics: Storage Management, Backups, Storage Software

This post is by Thomas Cowley – Silverstring New Business Development Executive

Last week was a great day to hear about the latest developments and strategy for IBM’s new Spectrum Storage brand. For a select group of Silverstring guests, the information alone made the day fantastic, but the location made it all that more impressive – London’s Pont de la Tour restaurant.


50 Shades Of Storage - Part Two

Posted by Silverstring on 20-Apr-2015 09:30:00

Topics: News

This post is by Anton James - Silverstring System Engineer by day, Storage Storyteller by night. You can read the first part in this series here.

At 10am on Friday, I was awoken by a call from my boss. Something had broken again and this time, it had broken hard. “Multiple system failures! Please help!”

I dragged myself into work, deprived of sleep and wanting to scream. The servers I had just spent hours repairing were now clinging to life. Again. I interrogated my infrastructure looking for another culprit. Nothing.


The Marshmallow Test - What Do MSPs Need To Know?

Posted by Silverstring on 01-Apr-2015 11:58:00

Topics: MSPs


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