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Our Silverstring Journey

Posted by Rebecca Barry on 06-Jan-2017 17:00:03

Further to my recent article “So, you’ve been thinking about the Cloud…”, I thought it would be a good idea to let you all know about the digital transformation journey Silverstring took just over a year ago.


So how did it all start….?

 In early 2015, due to significant growth in the company’s data requirements, infrastructure and recovery methods, we had to look at our IT infrastructure in an objective manner. The life of our existing hardware at our London datacentre was coming to an end.  It required either replacing or extending the infrastructure, to maintain and improve our own services.  This was key because it affected services provided to clients, too.

We wanted to have a more agile environment and reduce our costs.  There was also a drive to improve return on investment and increase resilience, all whilst providing a 24/7 managed service to our existing and new clients.

There are three inhibitors to moving to the cloud: SLAs, Compliance and Security. We treat these with paramount importance.  When it comes to looking at the cloud and the services we offer; these are absolutely core to our business.

Our business goals were simple:

  • Ensure that all SLAs, Compliance and Security requirements were maintained and remained adhered to
  • Reduce the cost of our current IT infrastructure
  • Provide resilience through a multi-datacentre setup
  • Automate our Disaster Recovery plan
  • Reduce complexity of IT administration

With this in mind, we looked towards a cloud offering and after careful consideration of the cloud providers out there.  After careful evaluation, we decided align ourselves with IBM SoftLayer/Bluemix. But why? You ask.

Silverstring’s key criteria for a cloud provider was the need for global services with a global reach, but with geographic control over location of our assets.  We wanted control over resources from bare metal resources to virtualised environment and lastly, a rich API set.

IBM SoftLayer cloud offering could satisfy all of these key criteria.  They offered a dual datacentre option and for complete resilience, the availability of over 40 IBM datacentres worldwide.  This gives us truly global infrastructure, as and when it is required. This met our core requirements of Service Level Agreements, Compliance and Security.

By moving to IBM SoftLayer, we would also no longer require our maintenance contracts for co-location, hardware and disaster recovery. We would regain control of our infrastructure giving a truly agile way of working.

We started from the ground up:, bare metal servers to our own specifications.  Networking infrastructure and storage could be provisioned within hours rather than weeks. We were able to see the costs of this project up-front giving us full control over budgets.

The rich API set has enabled faster development of our Predatar application for service management and automated global data protection services.

The delivery on these key criteria has provided Silverstring the ability to transform the way we deliver our cloud services.

By using leveraging IBM technologies and the global cloud platform of Bluemix, we are able to provide clients with a fully encompassing cloud solution as a service to suit their requirements, too.

That was our journey, let us help you with yours. Get in contact by filling in the form below.


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