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From Node Replication To IBM Spectrum Storage, Our Top Five Posts In 2015 So Far

Posted by Silverstring on 06-Mar-2015 11:56:00

At Predatar, we're big fans of not just storing and protecting data, but analysing it. The more an organisation can analyse the data they're processing, the more they can take from it and therefore the more it can impact on their business.

When it comes to our Predatar blog, we like to investigate our visitor activity regularly, looking at everything from which posts are seeing the longest visit durations through to which are seeing the most activity on social media.


And looking at overall visits, the following have proved to be the most popular posts on the blog in 2015 so far.

1. Node Replication Can Be Great, But Have You Read The Small Print?

Published way back in March 2013, this post has proven to be one of our blog's most popular, and doesn't just offer an introduction to node replication, but explains that as great as it is, you really do need to look at it in detail to ensure it's suitable for your specific requirements.

You can read the post here.

2. IBM Announce Spectrum Storage - So What Should You Expect?

One of our most recent blog posts, this was published only two weeks ago and was done so to highlight IBM's new Spectrum Storage range, giving details of both what's included and how it can be beneficial.

Read the post here.

3. Now That TSM Deduplicates, Why Spend Money On VTL?

One of several posts on the Predatar blog around deduplication, when this was first published in May 2014, it was done so with the intention of giving a full overview of deduplication within TSM, explaining just how fantastic it really can be.

Take a look at the post here.

4. TSM Auto-Client Deployment - Automation At Its Easiest

With automation a big focus at Predatar, this blog post from December 2013 looked at automation through TSM auto-client deployment and how it can make the lives of administrators considerably easier by automating a whole host of traditionally manual tasks.

You can find the post here.

5. Node Replication – Where Are We Now In 2014?

Little over a year after the node replication post above was published, we revisited the topic here in May 2014, and investigated not just how far node replication had come in a year, but how it could be utilised to see even more benefits.

Have a read through the post here.

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