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How Beneficial Can The New Tivoli User Community Be To Resolving TSM Woes?

Posted by richardbatespredatar on 05-Apr-2012 15:00:41

Good afternoon,

At the end of my last blog post (‘What Steps Are You Taking To Prepare For Data Growth?’), I mentioned about the IBM Pulse 2012 event that was taking place in early March.

Along with my colleagues, I attended the event and simply put, it was fantastic!

We had the opportunity to meet a number of different people, talked about TSM, data storage and how Predatar V6.5 can be of particular benefit to their organisation. As well as this, we were able to see a number of great talks throughout the event.

Of the vast array of points that were raised and focused upon, one of those which stood out most to me was the fact IBM believed it was imperative that to develop properly and effectively, they needed to draw upon the knowledge and experience that their partners hold.

IBM themselves without doubt have one of the most expansive knowledge bases of any technology company out there, but it was pleasing for attendees to hear and understand that no matter how much of a giant in the technology industry they may be, they still understand the importance of listening to what their partners have to say.

And this led me to wonder what we can learn from each other about Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) and data storage in general through the improved sharing of information.

The entire suite of Predatar products - as with any product - was developed to meet the needs of organisations who couldn’t find solutions to their problems. Without being aware of the issues that users were facing, we wouldn’t today be offering a full automation App for TSM in the form of Predatar V6.5.

The issue that could have been faced, however, is that if these problems weren’t raised or discussed, a solution may not have been found - the Predatar technology has always been available, but the software was only developed once the gaps in TSM became apparent.

So to me, this raises the questions of what gaps are out there at the moment in the TSM and data storage world that users are struggling with, as well as how important is the discussion of these problems to the continued development of software solutions?

And fortunately, IBM are already one-step ahead.

Further to IBM Pulse 2012, IBM launched their new and improved Tivoli User Community, whereby users of TSM can, amongst other things, discuss the issues they’re facing and question TSM experts on any part of the system.

Providing both a knowledge base and a platform upon which the software can be developed, in my opinion, this is a huge step in the right direction - we can now ensure we are able to better keep on top of not just what problems are being faced when it comes to TSM, but how we can resolve these problems both instantly and on a continual basis.

With any piece of technology, users are always going to face some type of issue and to resolve them, it’s imperative they are voiced. Therefore, I believe the Tivoli User Community is going to allow everyone involved in TSM to work together to both better understand the regular problems faced and develop solutions to combat them.

Richard Bates

Topics: IBM Pulse 2012, Events, Predatar V6.5

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