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IBM Storwize V7000 - Can It Really Be As Beneficial As It’s Reported To Be?

Posted by richardbatespredatar on 20-Jul-2012 10:00:49

Good morning,

After seeing lots of coverage recently around IBM’s Storwize V7000, I wanted to take the time today to explain a little more about it and look at just how beneficial many say it can be.

As one of the largest technology companies in the world (in every respect, from turnover through to employees), IBM have an absolute wealth of products that they offer across their entire range of services.

Showing the company’s size, in the past decade IBM have filed - and successfully received - more patents than any other company, not only making their product portfolio expansive, but arguably more enviable than any of their competitors’.

Although IBM do have a vast range of products, the problem that they’ve had to overcome in recent times is that companies don’t buy products - they buy solutions. No matter how well publicised a new piece of software is, if it’s not taken to market showcasing how it can, for instance, increase efficiency and reduce costs, it’s going to be difficult to see the number of sales expected.

Fortunately, IBM’s software and hardware divisions have lately been working closer than ever in an effort to bring a more value orientated approach to all of their intellectual property.

And a prime example of the result of this new approach is IBM’s Storwize V7000 Unified Storage System.

Potentially one of their best products in recent times, Storwize V7000 blends together the best in user interfaces, software virtualisation and diagnostics to present a world class hardware platform to help you tackle the escalating costs of data growth.

Since its launch, there have been numerous reviews of the system, with a vast majority praising IBM’s work, particularly around the system functionality that utilises the General Parallel File System (GPFS) policy engine.

Tested recently by IBM’s research department, the GPFS proved capable of backing up 10 billion files in a mere 43 minutes - there aren’t many file systems out there that can even handle a 10 billion file capacity - a fact which alone makes the V7000 an almost perfect solution for many organisations.

A great replacement for existing Windows file systems, using V7000, you can not only continue to create multiple file shares, set security permissions using LDAP integration and assign quotas to the shares created, but as the system is configured with two file modules, you also have failover redundancy as you do with a Microsoft file server cluster.

In terms of backup and virus protection, the V7000 file services support anti-virus protection from both McAfee and Symantec (which is easily configurable through the GUI or CLI to provide real-time protection on all files contained on the file shares) and the integrated TSM Backup Archive client allows for all files shares to be backed up to your existing TSM environment simply and effectively (once again using the vastly improved GUI or CLI).

A further point to note about the integrated TSM Backup Archive client is that it leverages both file modules in the V7000, therefore increasing the backup performance and reducing the overall amount of time the process requires.

Useful for any organisation looking for more cost-effective storage, particularly those who already have an established TSM environment, Predatar reseller Silverstring recently explained they have effectively revolutionised both their own and many clients’ storage requirements through implementing IBM’s Storwize V7000 Unified Storage System - and they could do exactly the same for you, increasing efficiency and saving considerably on costs.

IBM Storwize V7000 really is a fantastic product and if you want to learn more about it, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Silverstring.

Kind regards,


PS - you may find this video interesting and of use:

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