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Next gen Disaster Recovery as a Service – making recovery testing easy, time-efficient and cost-effective.

Posted by Chris Coulson on 09-Dec-2016 16:20:25

In my last blog, I offered a view of the traditional backup and recovery market from a customers’ perspective, why tape is still a major part of the recovery solution and how the reliance on traditional 3rd party disaster recovery (DR) providers is diminishing.

blog DR CC.jpgI also introduced Predatar as a concept and how it has the potential to revolutionise the DRaaS market and become the next generation DRaaS.

Now that I’ve whetted your appetite and also, if I'm honest, gained some more insight into the possibilities. I wanted to use my latest blog as an opportunity to discuss how Predatar can change the way in which you approach DR testing – based on my previous life in DR.

It may not surprise many of you to know that only 40% of DR provision is tested on an annual basis and, of that 40%, only around 70% is different businesses testing. The remainder is organisations that test on a more regular basis, normally those with regulatory compliance to adhere to or organisations with high-profile clients that stipulate suppliers have to regularly test recovery plans so that they can ensure their brand reputation remains intact.

These statistics also show that whilst many organisations will have paid for testing as part of their DR contract with a 3rd party, many don’t use the facility and therefore are wasting valuable budget which is becoming harder to obtain.
One of the cool features of Predatar is the ability to spin up DR compute only when it’s needed (for either testing or full invocation). Not having to pay upfront on either a monthly or annual basis for this is a fundamental shift in provisioning DR and lends itself to the original virtues of utility-based computing.

The spin-off from a testing perspective is that you can test your recovery solution without having to leave the office and you pay for it at the time – you choose which systems and when, so it’s much less time-consuming and much more cost-effective. There are no more booking three members of the IT team out for 3-5 days, organising tape transportation and having pre-test calls with the DR provider before the actual test date.

It also means that you can run tests that mirror an invocation without the pre-test organising associated with manual testing – ensuring you commit to achievable recovery times. Rather than setting up a rehearsed DR test that doesn’t give you an accurate measure of your recovery time – more an assurance that data can be recovered.
With Predatar you are constantly in touch with your DR solution because you now control it easily and simply through this single interface. As your environment changes, you know that these changes have been logged and are replicated to the Cloud, ready for testing at any time.

As Predatar is an ‘always-on’ element of your data protection strategy, it changes your perception of DR from being disconnected from your day to day operational tasks, to being intrinsically linked. You will test much more regularly and, as a consequence, be much more confident in meeting the business recovery time & point objectives.
To find out more about how Predatar is changing the face of Disaster Recovery, please click here or contact me directly at ccoulson@silverstring.com

Topics: Disaster Recovery, DRaaS, Disaster Recovery as a Service

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