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The Real Value of Recovery Testing

Posted by Jim Chadbourne on 09-Mar-2018 12:10:20

In 30 years in the industry, it still surprises me when customers focus purely on backup success as a metric for business recovery. Businesses that fail to test recovery of IT systems have been found to lose significant revenue and market share when disaster strikes.

If you do not take data recovery seriously it could impact you in several ways:

  • Potential loss of revenue - if customers cannot access website, they will go elsewhere and seldom return
  • Potential compliance fines if data cannot be provided within requested timeline during audit


You can only recover what you backed up in the first place!

Many recovery tests highlight the systems that were not on the backup radar. Newly deployed systems and Shadow-IT tend to forget about data backup.

A common miscomprehension is “My data is in the cloud – I don’t need to worry as the Cloud Provider includes backup as standard”.  Does the offering from the provider meet your business requirements?


 Organisations that do restore test, do not always do so in an isolated environment – this can lead to false positives. Recovering data over existing systems in a “live-like” environment, doesn’t highlight the files that were not backed up and therefore not recovered.

Can you access the data once it has been recovered?

Do you have the correct infrastructure in place to access the data once recovered? What happens to the things we take for granted – Network, Telephony, Authentication Services, Firewalls, etc.

On recent tests, we found that although recovery of virtual systems was successful, login to the OS and application were not possible due to no Active Directory being available.

Can you recover in a timely manner to reduce Business Impact?

By focusing on backup rather than recovery, many customers find that the time to recover business applications can be measured in days rather than hours. Any backup strategy needs to consider recovery if you want to avoid long periods without access to data.




A recent discussion with a customer highlighted that although the daily backups of the estate were successful within their 8hr window, a FULL restore of the environment would take several weeks. Further investigation showed that they hadn’t done any recovery testing or invested in the backup solution for over 3 years and had no real documentation on how they would recover.


How can Silverstring DRaaS and Automated Recovery Testing help you? Get in touch.

Through automated recovery testing, we can mitigate some of the risks associated with outages and provide reassurance to stakeholders that business services CAN be recovered.


Topics: Spectrum Protect, Recovery Testing

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