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Silverstring Delivers In Staffordshire

Posted by Silverstring on 05-Apr-2013 09:30:37

With the huge budget cuts faced by local governments up and down the country, councils are having to draw in purse strings more than ever before.

Unfortunately, as so many IT professionals will know, this usually means considerable budget cuts in the IT department. As a part of the business that is so often seen as being 'invisible', it's somewhat understandable that substantial cuts are made, no matter how vital the service may be.

This is exactly the situation Staffordshire County Council found itself in recently, facing huge amounts of pressure to not only offer the most effective and efficient backup system possible for its 30,000+ workforce, but to do so within an ever-decreasing budget.

Putting the problem out to tender, Predatar reseller Silverstring were chosen for the project and an in-depth review and analysis of the council's existing backup systems was carried out.

Identifying a number of clear problems, the vast majority could be traced back to the fact that the Council was using numerous different backup systems. This meant that the management of the backup environment as a whole was particularly difficult and certain aspects – including an effective disaster recovery plan – could not be produced or delivered.

Utilising IBM's Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) and the Predatar suite of products, Silverstring essentially unified the Council's entire backup environment, bringing together the working, but inefficient individual systems, into one efficient solution. This allowed for a considerably improved backup management experience and with Predatar, a much more effective environment, providing intelligence and insights that previously weren't available.

With the Council continuing to use Predatar once the backup system unification had been carried out, they reported some considerable benefits, most notably that the automation and incident management aspects of Predatar had seen their backup costs cut by 80%.

Predatar offers a way to manage its ever-expanding backup environment (it has grown from 10 terabytes to half a petabyte in a matter of years) in the most effective way possible.

For instance, Predatar provides information that can be used to pinpoint where the amount of data backed up can be reduced, as well as continually giving an overview of the environment's health, both helping to ultimately reduce related expenditure.

Right throughout the process, Silverstring offered TSM support in every respect necessary – both on-site and remotely – and ensured that Staffordshire Council were not only happy with the end product, but were benefiting from it and confident it met its specific requirements.

To find out more about how Silverstring helped Staffordshire County Council or for further information on TSM or Predatar, give Silverstring a call on +44(0)844 815 5805 or e-mail them at info@silverstring.com.

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