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Silverstring's 30 Day TSM Cost Buster Programme - 8 Steps To Reducing Your TSM Budgets

Posted by Silverstring on 22-Jun-2012 10:00:37

Knowing how important - and difficult - it can be working within reducing, restrictive budgets, something that more and more IT departments are having to do, Predatar reseller, Silverstring, have put together a 30 Day Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) Cost Buster Programme that will help you to quickly and effectively slash the costs associated with your TSM environment.

Covering eight separate points, the following provides a brief insight into what you should expect to discuss and be looked at during the programme.

1. Tape media

Looking at how you can immediately save money on your tape media, Silverstring will investigate things such as TSM reclamation processes not completing (which naturally uses more tapes), developing a more aggressive reclamation process (if the aggression level can be increased without having a negative effect on migrations and backups, tape costs can be reduced) and whether you have unnecessary storage pools, nodes or filespaces that are taking up space.

2. Disk storage

Offering advice on your existing disk storage, Silverstring will provide information on the most suitable options for you (such as using Storage Area Network - SAN - storage, as it can easily be expanded with cheap SATA drives) and how, through the use of Predatar, you can make the best decisions possible on both when it is time to grow your data storage capacity and how exactly to do so.

3. TSM Policies and Management Classes

Arguably one of the most confusing parts of TSM, Silverstring will help you to better understand the different TSM policies and how they have an impact upon your data storage needs, as a more effective use of them - and Management Classes - can result in a more efficient (and therefore most cost-effective) system.

4. Software License Contracts

Providing information on your TSM licenses, particularly in relation to multiple IBM Passport Advantage (PA) contracts, you’ll be given support on ensuring you have the right amount of licenses for your needs.

In addition, you’ll also receive advice on IBM’s capacity model, especially as they have recently introduced a license suitable for companies using less than 100TB of TSM occupancy - meaning if you can get your data capacity below this figure, you could instantly save money.

5. Data Deduplication

Something we talked in-depth about in April, Silverstring will help you to fully understand the data deduplication process and how, when used effectively, it can considerably reduce the amount of data that you need to process on a regular basis.

6. Virtualisation

As your TSM licenses are based on your physical CPU cores and not your virtual machines, Silverstring will look at if you can save money by utilising server virtualisation more aggressively, as well as whether Virtual Tape Libraries (VTLs) will help you to further reduce the cost implication of TSM backups (as, for instance, VTLs don’t require extra tape drive hardware).

7. Administration

With up to 50% of TSM budgets spent on administration tasks (according to a recent Silverstring survey), you’ll be talked through the benefits of not only automating many of the monotonous, time and resource heavy tasks that need to take place on a regular basis, but how you can better distribute the responsibility for various TSM processes amongst your IT staff by using Predatar.

8. Hardware Assets

By using backup tools to more effectively schedule various backup related tasks, Silverstring will show you how you can better utilise available tape devices and how certain processes will be able to produce more efficient ways of backing up.

For further information on the 30 Day TSM Cost Buster programme offered by Silverstring, contact your Account Manager today. Alternatively, send an e-mail to info@silverstring.com and further information will be provided.

Topics: Partners and Resellers, Predatar V6.5, Training

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