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Spectrum Protect 8.1 gets VMware tagging

Posted by Steve Miller on 23-Dec-2016 14:40:06

Server virtualisation has disrupted the traditional models of data protection by allowing new vendors to challenge the traditional dominance of IBM, EMC and Veritas. The role of data backup and recovery is increasingly been performed directly by the VMware administrator, using point solutions which have been designed around them, for ease of use and performance.

Vmware blog.pngIBM Spectrum Protect (formerly TSM) has had a product in this space, called Spectrum Protect for Virtual Environments, but it was a bit late to the party and was, until now we believe, playing catch up.

For some time, users of Spectrum protect have been asking about the use of VMware tagging for backups.

With version 8.1 (released in December), this feature is now available. Spectrum Protect now has a range of tags for VMs to be included or excluded, allowing specific disks to be included or excluded and for application protection to be enabled as required.

Users of competing products point to the simplicity of setup as a reason to purchase separate backup tools, and tags have played a big part in this. With the new support for VMware tags in Spectrum Protect 8.1, it seems that IBM has hugely simplified the process of configuring and scheduling backups of VMware estates, and customers that previously discounted IBM for reasons of complexity, should take another look.

Check out our video below to see how simple it is to use tags for backing up VMs in Spectrum Protect 8.1





Topics: VMware, Spectrum Protect, tagging, 8.1

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