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Spectrum Protect – Using new technology to extend the lifespan of your storage assets

Posted by: Steve Miller

In Spectrum Protect v 7.1.3 a new type of storage pool called Container Pools was introduced. These pools are specifically designed for data deduplication, which can be either deduplicated at source (client) or inline during the server ingest phase.

Since the GA of 7.1.7, Silverstring have upgraded two separate environments from 7.1.5 to 7.1.7. Both of these environments had data in both legacy deduplication pools and Container deduplication pools, so following the upgrade, we were able to run the conversion process to consolidate all of this data in one container pool.

In these two cases, the increase in available capacity was between 19% and 35%. Allowing for a typical year-on-year capacity growth of 10%. Therefore avoiding unpredicted spend on additional storage capacity. Converting to container pools could see the life of a Spectrum Protect system extended by 1-2 years without any additional hardware expenditure.

This generation (7.1.7) of deduplication pool adds a layer of sophistication and efficiency by removing the following barriers to effective data reduction:

  • Excess capacity was required to ingest the original data
  • Lengthy processing cycles were required to redistribute the data chunks after duplicates were identified.

Previous generations were inhibited by the following limitations:

  • No procedure for moving legacy data into container pools (other than server to server replication)
  • No support for tape copy of container pools

Spectrum Protect 7.1.6 (June 2016) addresses the first of these issues. Using the CONVERT STGPOOL command, there is now a facility to move data out of a legacy deduplicated storage pool (a FILE POOL) into a new container pool. This makes it possible to upgrade a current server instance to use the new storage pools without having to either keep data in two different types of deduplicated pool and without having to replicate data to a second instance. Spectrum Protect 7.1.7 (September 2016) now addresses the second issue by allowing a deduplicated tape copy of a container pool!

This makes it much easier for Spectrum Protect users to realise the benefits of container storage pools and those benefits can be significant. As of version 7.1.5, Container Pools perform inline compression as well as inline deduplication. This enables them to achieve significantly improved data reduction when compared to File Pools.

Taken together, this means that Container Pools can use storage far more efficiently than File Pools, allowing users of Spectrum Protect to retain more data on that storage. This allows users to reduce costs and to increase the life of that storage.

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Posted by: Steve Miller on October 14, 2016

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