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Posted by Alistair Mackenzie on 31-Aug-2012 10:38:59

Topics: Ask a Question

Q: “How would Silverstring advise customers to setup their TSM estate to cater for a number of disparate storage subsystems (Exadata, Netapps, XIV, DS8000 etc.)?”

This question was asked by Mark Hotham of retailer, Debenhams Plc. Mark is the Production Support Manager and is responsible for a team of 15 IT specialists. Mark’s core objective is to ensure service levels are maintained across an infrastructure that spans two data centres, over 150 discreet applications residing on an enterprise infrastructure which includes over 700 servers and 125TB of data.

A: Alistair Mackenzie (CEO Silverstring) – besides the obvious technical check about whether TSM supports each piece of infrastructure in your data centre I would first look into the roles performed by each discreet storage subsystem.


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