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Do You Generate Your Own Electricity? Then Why Manage Your Own IT?

Posted by Silverstring on 29-May-2015 08:36:00

Topics: Backups, Disaster Recovery, Data Management, MSPs

In a world leaning towards availability and accessibility, we thought it was time we looked at why a Managed Service option from Silverstring could be just the thing for you.



Software Defined Storage And Backup - The True User Link Between Silverstring And IBM?

Posted by Silverstring on 01-May-2015 09:40:00

Topics: Storage Management, Backups, Storage Software

This post is by Thomas Cowley – Silverstring New Business Development Executive

Last week was a great day to hear about the latest developments and strategy for IBM’s new Spectrum Storage brand. For a select group of Silverstring guests, the information alone made the day fantastic, but the location made it all that more impressive – London’s Pont de la Tour restaurant.


The Key To Preparing Your Systems For A Service Catalogue? Dividing Your IT Environment

Posted by Silverstring on 08-Aug-2014 09:29:56

Topics: Backups

Recently, we've spent a lot of time developing and promoting the new features of Predatar. Take the Customer Service Portal as an example, one of the key aspects of which is the ability to generate and display the cost of data protection in the language we all understand – money.

Referred to as various different terms, ‘chargeback’ is the default, but ‘showback’ is one that often proves itself popular when a customer does not want to directly charge their internal business units (i.e. traditional ‘chargeback’).


TSM And Scripted Backups – A Cautionary Tale

Posted by Silverstring on 20-Jun-2014 09:33:08

Topics: Backups

Figure 1 - a horrible backup script today

This week’s post is about a topic we've found we've discussed a lot recently, and is one that is particularly interesting to most – it's the pitfalls of scripted backups of databases.


The business case for data backup in the cloud…

Posted by Silverstring on 31-Jan-2014 09:30:28

Topics: Backups

As anyone involved in the backup industry will know, there's a need for continuous development; a requirement to always be looking at both your existing infrastructure and the latest technologies available.

Things change so considerably fast in the IT industry in general, but when we look at the specific area of data backup, it can be – at the very least – a daunting prospect trying to be aware of what the next move is.


Introducing Our Latest White Paper – 5 Steps To Better Backup

Posted by Silverstring on 07-Jun-2013 10:00:40

Topics: Backups

Whenever the whole topic of data storage is looked at, you can see an upward trend of organisations realising the importance of investing in it. This has become particularly apparent over the last 10 years as data consumption has increased in all respects.

But the issue we're still seeing with so many organisations – although data storage is one of the key talking points for those with even the most basic of IT infrastructures – is that they're so often not investing in the right areas.

More accurately, they're investing where they think they need to be and neglecting one of the most important aspects – data backup.


We want to get your Backup

Posted by Silverstring on 03-May-2013 09:29:18

Topics: Backups, Uncategorised, Tivoli Storage Manager

This is just a short post this week about our all new Backup Index service. In short, it will enable you to accurately measure and benchmark the effectiveness of your backup. You will be able to compare yourself with your competition and keep track on your performance over time.

The insight this asset could bring to your business could save you thousands and thousands of pounds. It will also improve the performance of your backup by uncovering any inefficiencies that are lurking in your backup systems.


Are You Part Of The $10 Billion Overspend On Data Backup?

Posted by Silverstring on 12-Apr-2013 09:30:26

Topics: Backups

Back in January, Gartner found that organisations were spending at least $10 billion more on data backup than they needed to. It's unfortunately a conservative figure, but even still, it's the equivalent of organisations paying out at least 20% more on backup technologies unnecessarily.

When you first hear that, chances are you think one of two things – either you can't be a part of that figure because you don't believe you spend enough on data backup anyway, or you can't be a part of it because you think your systems are as efficient as they can be.

Whilst we're not in the game of tarring everyone with the same brush, our knowledge and experience has shown that generally speaking, if you're thinking along one of the two lines above, your view of your data backup systems is not going to be as reflective of the truth as you believe.


Silverstring Delivers In Staffordshire

Posted by Silverstring on 05-Apr-2013 09:30:37

Topics: Backups, Partners and Resellers

With the huge budget cuts faced by local governments up and down the country, councils are having to draw in purse strings more than ever before.

Unfortunately, as so many IT professionals will know, this usually means considerable budget cuts in the IT department. As a part of the business that is so often seen as being 'invisible', it's somewhat understandable that substantial cuts are made, no matter how vital the service may be.

This is exactly the situation Staffordshire County Council found itself in recently, facing huge amounts of pressure to not only offer the most effective and efficient backup system possible for its 30,000+ workforce, but to do so within an ever-decreasing budget.


Guaranteed to get your backup

Posted by Silverstring on 15-Mar-2013 09:42:05

Topics: Backups

We have seen that many organisations just don’t know how well their data backup process performs and even less have a clear understanding of what’s required to improve it. So, here at Predatar we have developed the Backup Index which we believe will help improve every organisation’s understanding of their backup process.

The Backup Index is a tool that allows you to get a score on how effective your backup process is and benchmarks it against the best and worst-performing companies – all confidentially of course.


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