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Silverstring at Edge

Posted by Alistair Mackenzie on 08-Sep-2016 16:03:00

Topics: Data Protection, Cloud, cloud object storage, Predatar, cleversafe, IBM Edge 2016

In just over two weeks IBM will welcome partners and customers to their showcase IT infrastructure forum in Las Vegas for Edge 2016.


Silverstring take on Cloud Object Storage

Posted by Alistair Mackenzie on 21-Aug-2016 19:38:07

Topics: Data Protection, Cloud, cloud object storage, cleversafe

At a roundtable event earlier this summer, a group of IBM business partners, including Silverstring's CEO gathered to discuss the key trends and challenges facing their industries and their customers.


One of the key disruptors in all industries is data growing exponentially at an accelerated pace. Questions of how you store and access data and move and share information are also becoming critical in the world of globalization. 


Qualifying Cleversafe

Posted by Thomas Cowley on 20-May-2016 18:57:29

Topics: Features, Cloud, Predatar, cleversafe

One of the much-vaunted acquisitions made by IBM recently has been Cleversafe, an exceptionally strong contender in the large volume data storage space. We covered the mechanics of the solution on another blog here; and our technical team view it as a great solution, but there are some searching questions we need to ask when thinking about whether Cleversafe is the right fit for your business.



Cleversafe Object Storage – It IS big and it IS clever...and Safe.

Posted by Dave White on 04-Mar-2016 17:31:56

Topics: TSM, object storage, Predatar, cleversafe

In recent years the growth in unstructured data has brought about the creation of a new type of storage – Object Storage – which is much better suited to unstructured data than traditional block storage and filesystems.   Its different to block storage in a number of ways which will take too long to explain here.  If you’ve seen a picture of a cat on Facebook or listened to a tune on Spotify you’ve retrieved an object from object storage.


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