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Handling a 50% growth in data

Posted by Silverstring on 20-Sep-2013 09:30:33

Topics: Data Growth, Tivoli Storage Manager, Data Management

Simply Be efficient…

JD Williams are a multi-channel online retail company with a turnover in excess of £800 million. Their online business has increased by 50% in just 36 months and they are now active (customers can purchase their products on-line) in 28 countries. With this backdrop, it is not surprising that data growth had become one of their major concerns.

Expansion of the online business at JD Williams has led to a growth in data of more than 50% in a year. Working with Silverstring they have automated many of the administration processes, thus releasing time within the IT Storage Team to provide the proactive Storage Management service their clients demand.


Just How Beneficial Can IBM's V3700 Be For Your Business?

Posted by Silverstring on 07-Dec-2012 09:30:14

Topics: Storage Management, Data Growth, Data Management

Back in November, we introduced IBM's latest storage system, the V3700. Released to much critical acclaim, it has gained some great feedback over the last few weeks.

Aimed at the smaller business end of the market, it's essentially a stripped back version of the V7000. Taking many of the attractive points of the V7000 and delivering it without the bells and whistles, the V3700 may be getting rave reviews, but when similar things have happened in the past, we've often been left disappointed.


IBM And Their Big Plan For Big Data - Is It Going To Bring Big Results?

Posted by Silverstring on 27-Jul-2012 10:00:02

Topics: Data Growth, Data Management

Earlier in the month, IBM held their latest Storage Symposium at London’s South Bank. Giving an insight into their portfolio of new technologies designed to help IT departments beat the combined problem of huge data growth when related spend is static, it was a fantastic event.

Short, punchy sessions that gave just the right amount of information, the speakers delivered almost exactly what the audience wanted to hear.

What surprised some, however, was that in the same week that EMC announced they believed there was a future for tape, there was very little in the way of discussions about this at the Storage Symposium event - with IBM’s long tradition of storage management, from OS/390 DFSMS through to Tivoli Storage Manager, it was expected that they’d play more to their strengths here.


Forget Just Big Data Growth - How Can Predatar V6.5 Help With ANY Data Growth?

Posted by Silverstring on 25-Apr-2012 13:00:44

Topics: Data Growth, Data Management

Over a decade ago in 2001, Doug Laney of Gartner (then META Group) spoke at a conference connected to a research report on data technologies and defined both the challenges and opportunities related to data growth as being three-dimensional - volume, velocity and variety.

By this, Laney meant the challenges can be tackled or opportunities approached by truly understanding how to handle data by knowing how much there is to process, how fast the data is being processed and how many different types of data sources there are.

Whilst many organisations now use this as a reference point for developing technologies to effectively and efficiently manage Big Data - data that’s generally in the exabytes and zettabytes range - it can in fact be applied to data growth and management at any level.

And Predatar V6.5 ticks the boxes when it comes to being able to provide an effective way of handling data volume, velocity and variety.


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