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What I learnt from a day at Red Bull Racing

Posted by Chloe Craughan on 29-Apr-2016 17:01:02

Topics: Features, Cloud, Flash, Events, Predatar

Yesterday Silverstring hosted their first customer event of the year at Red Bull Racing in Milton Keynes.  Why there I hear you ask? 




IBM Systems Technical University – Prague 2015

Posted by Dave White on 11-May-2015 12:53:00

Topics: Events, IBM, Technical University

This post is by Dave White - Senior Storage Engineer

This year Silverstring sent 4 people to join around 550 IBMers/Business Partners and customers from around the world at the IBM Technical University, from the 20th to 24th of April, in the beautiful city of Prague in the Czech Republic. 


Silverstring's Vinopolis Event – Disaster Recovery Clarity Was What You Wanted, And That's What You Got!

Posted by Silverstring on 21-Nov-2014 09:30:19

Topics: Events

On Thursday 6th November 2014, Predatar reseller Silverstring hosted their customers and business partners at Vinopolis, London.

An event that commanded the presence of senior level management on all sides, Alistair Mackenzie, CEO of Silverstring, welcomed the delegates and introduced them to DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as-a-Service). Followed by Technical Director Richard Bates, Richard went into a more detailed explanation as to why this is a useful service and why customers should utilise it.


If IT Still Matters, Can We Say The Same About Infrastructure?

Posted by Silverstring on 06-Jun-2014 09:29:34

Topics: Events

10 years ago, the author and speaker Nicholas Carr published the book “Does IT Matter?”

In it, he argued that the standardisation and commoditisation of IT would lead to a corrosion of competitive advantage. A decade on and in the current low growth world, companies large and small are still spending big on IT to find that competitive edge.


TSM Symposium Berlin – A True Users Conference

Posted by Silverstring on 13-Sep-2013 09:57:38

Topics: Events

If you read our blog regularly or follow us on Twitter, chances are you'll be fully aware we've attended two of IBM's key events this year. With the first being IBM Pulse in March and the second IBM Edge in May, they both proved to be invaluable events and as we're sure all attendees will say, it's understandable why they're such sought after conferences and considered key dates on the technology calendar.

But although they've now passed and we're quickly approaching the final quarter of the year, there are still a number of great IBM events to attend – and the next for us is TSM Symposium in Berlin next week.

Held every two years, from that fact alone you begin to realise just how packed the agenda is going to be – we've got 24 months worth of TSM to talk about!


Silverstring Host IBM Cloud And Systems Team

Posted by Silverstring on 28-Jun-2013 09:30:07

Topics: Events

Last Friday, Predatar reseller Silverstring played host to 40 technical storage and backup specialists from some of the UK’s largest companies. Since many could, unfortunately, not make it to Edge (IBM’s showcase event in Las Vegas earlier in the month), they decided to stage their own event, which also included some great food cooked on the barbecue!

The agenda offered something for everyone, with high-level keynote presentations down to detailed technical sessions on topics such as protecting virtual systems and building future proofed disaster recovery infrastructures.


Fantastic People, Fantastic Event – Our Review Of IBM Edge

Posted by Silverstring on 21-Jun-2013 09:55:19

Topics: Uncategorised, Events, IBM Edge 2013

Good morning,

Last week, myself and three colleagues hopped on a plane and headed to Mandalay Bay, one of the newest hotels at the southernmost point on the Las Vegas Strip.

Arguably not the most obvious of places to have a conference where geeks unite and talk tech (in fact, anywhere but the middle of the desert where it was 115 degrees would have seemed more appropriate!), IBM thought of everything, however – with six swimming pools, there was always the opportunity to get down to the cooler temperatures we're more accustomed to.

This was the second IBM Edge event, with last year's taking place in Florida, and the fact that attendance doubled to nearly 5,000 this year (including 900 IBM partners and 60 event sponsors, such as Predatar!) shows just how fantastic the event was previously and how in demand this year's was.

Undoubtedly a great conference, with so much to take in, it's difficult to know where to start 'reviewing' it.


Close to the Edge…

Posted by Silverstring on 24-May-2013 09:30:35

Topics: Events, IBM Edge 2013

Another Month, Another Event – And They Don't Get Much Better Than IBM Edge

Back in March, we exhibited at the 8,000-attendee event that was IBM Pulse. A fantastic experience for everyone involved, but not IBM’s only event and in a few short weeks we'll be attending one of their other primary events, IBM Edge.

Taking place in Las Vegas between 10th and 14th June, it's expected that 3,500 delegates from companies right around the globe will be attending, all there to view and discuss the latest technologies from IBM and their partners.


Just bring Sunshine…

Posted by Silverstring on 10-May-2013 09:34:20

Topics: Uncategorised, Events, Training

Join the team at Silverstring for a barbecue in Bloxham on the 21st June. It will be an informal and relaxed day, yet packed with the latest insights to help you improve your TSM management skills.

It would be great if you could make it.


The Recent Predatar And Back 2 Basics II Events - How Valuable Were They To You?

Posted by richardbatespredatar on 29-Jun-2012 10:00:09

Topics: Events

Good morning,

Over the past few weeks, there have been a number of events taking place related to Predatar V6.5 and data management, largely provided through one of our resellers, Silverstring.

From the range of free webex training sessions that were aimed to get you up to speed with the latest Predatar release, to the complimentary one-to-one workshops to show you just what TSM can do for you today - and not forgetting the Back 2 Basics II event which took place on 15th June, which was all about YOUR data - the aim across all of the events was to provide you, the user, with a better understanding of how you can benefit from Predatar V6.5 and TSM.


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