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Predatar APIs deliver next generation platform for service providers

Posted by Alistair Mackenzie on 03-Jun-2016 17:11:03

Topics: Features, Cloud, Predatar, apis

Management gurus like Tom Peters have long advised companies to focus on what they do best and outsource the rest. As a result enterprises are increasingly turning to specialist service providers to take care of the mundane tasks such as backup administration. The competition among MSPs to win this business is driving them to up their game and some are turning to APIs to give them an edge.


Qualifying Cleversafe

Posted by Thomas Cowley on 20-May-2016 18:57:29

Topics: Features, Cloud, Predatar, cleversafe

One of the much-vaunted acquisitions made by IBM recently has been Cleversafe, an exceptionally strong contender in the large volume data storage space. We covered the mechanics of the solution on another blog here; and our technical team view it as a great solution, but there are some searching questions we need to ask when thinking about whether Cleversafe is the right fit for your business.



What I learnt from a day at Red Bull Racing

Posted by Chloe Craughan on 29-Apr-2016 17:01:02

Topics: Features, Cloud, Flash, Events, Predatar

Yesterday Silverstring hosted their first customer event of the year at Red Bull Racing in Milton Keynes.  Why there I hear you ask? 




Flape and Floud.....Huh?

Posted by Thomas Cowley on 15-Apr-2016 16:30:00

Topics: Features, Cloud, Flash, flash storage, Predatar

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve dug around storage technologies on this blog, so it seems a reasonable point to discuss two of the strangest terms bandied about in the storage world over the past year, or so.


The Sum Of Knowledge - Just How Powerful Is Predatar’s Knowledge Base?

Posted by Silverstring on 28-Nov-2014 09:36:00

Topics: Features

One of Predatar’s secret weapons is the Knowledge Base. As engineers fix problems, they create knowledge articles in parallel explaining how they fixed the problem. These articles are then stored in a searchable database and linked to incidents, meaning that when a similar problem occurs in the future, the support desk - or even the end user - can search for incidents, and therefore articles, where the same problem might have previously occurred.

This ability to search is one of the features of a strong knowledge database, but the other key component to make the database a first port of call is the quality and quantity of the articles.


Predatar V6.5, The Ultimate Automation App For TSM, Just Got Better

Posted by Silverstring on 23-Mar-2012 09:00:08

Topics: Features, General, Predatar V6.5

Since its initial launch, Predatar has always been about providing first class solutions to TSM (Tivoli Storage Manager) problems that cause users an unnecessary amount of work.

Developing our automation App for TSM continuously, the latest update of Predatar V6.5, which is available now, boasts an array of new features, helping users to be even more productive and provide them with a greater level of control over their TSM environment than ever before.


Predatar V6.5 Feature Overview: Event Tracker

Posted by Silverstring on 24-Feb-2012 09:00:23

Topics: Features, Predatar V6.5

While we regularly talk about the benefits of automation Apps for TSM and how any organization with a TSM environment utilizing them can see an improvement in almost every area of their system, we also aim to provide introductions to specific areas of our Predatar V6.5 software, so to ensure you can make the most informed choice possible when looking to purchase a TSM automation App.

Previously, we've looked at Backup Tracker and Ticket Tracker and today, we're going to provide an insight into Event Tracker, including looking at how it can be of benefit to you.


Introducing Knowledge Tracker – Your Shortcut To 700 TSM Fast Fixes

Posted by Silverstring on 20-Jan-2012 10:00:42

Topics: Features

Predatar V6.5 is used in varying capacities right across the world, from those who use it purely to speed up one or two certain aspects within their TSM environment to those who utilize it as a full, complete and in-depth automation app for TSM.

Of all the different aims that organizations utilize Predatar V6.5 for, it's primary aim is to help organizations have a more effective TSM environment - one that, in its most basic form, allows for noticeable improvements to be seen across the organization.


Predatar V6.5 Feature Overview: Ticket Tracker

Posted by Silverstring on 21-Dec-2011 09:00:43

Topics: Features

As a versatile piece of software and one that has a host of benefits, Predatar V6.5 allows organizations to see a positive impact upon numerous processes related to their Tivoli Storage Manager – TSM – environment.

Earlier in the month, we took a look at one of Predatar V6.5's modules, Backup Tracker, what it exactly did and how it could be of benefit to any organization utilizing TSM.


3 Ways You Can Save Money By Utilizing Automation Apps For TSM

Posted by Silverstring on 16-Dec-2011 10:00:20

Topics: Features

If you're currently using Tivoli Storage Manager – TSM – for your storage management needs, you've already taken a positive step towards being a more organized and better equipped organization.

As with many pieces of technology, however, TSM can be developed and improved upon by integrating automation Apps, pieces of software that allow for a greater level of control over your TSM environment.

While this greater level of control is attractive in itself, the proper integration and utilization of automation Apps for TSM can save you a considerable amount of money and the following information details three of the primary ways you can save money using automation Apps for TSM.


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