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New release helps IBM unlock the cloud for next generation data protection

Posted by Alistair Mackenzie on 20-Jun-2016 12:28:17

Topics: Cloud, IBM, Predatar

The latest release of Spectrum Protect positions IBM & Silverstring as leaders in complete data backup, archiving and IT resiliency. When combined with other technologies in the stable such as Cleversafe Object storage, Cloud and the Predatar platform for data protection, the options for managing the data of enterprise accounts now match the modern challenges they face. When considered as a complete data protection solution, there are no other vendors that can deliver the business benefits of the Silverstring / IBM value proposition.


Why storage virtualisation?

Posted by Dave White on 27-Nov-2015 17:13:33

Topics: Data Storage, IBM, object storage, storage virtualisation,

Storage virtualisation is a fast growing technology in the datacenter, making a perfect complement to the more established server virtualisation.

By abstracting advanced function in software the technology helps to commoditise storage purchasing and simplify its management.

Storage specialist Dave White thought it best to try and clarify a few points and answer a few questions.


Analysis or Paralysis?

Posted by Alistair Mackenzie on 20-Nov-2015 15:43:31

Topics: IBM, MSPs, Predatar, Analytics

 Disruptive IT resellers are using analytics tools to transform the traditional channel business model.

Many IT buyers have questioned the “value” part in the Value Added Reseller model with some predi

Disruptive IT resellers are using analytics tools to transform the traditional channel business model.

Many IT buyers have questioned the “value” part in the Value Added Reseller model with some predicting the death of the traditional VAR sales person. The value of the seller has been eroded because of several trends:

cting the death of t


New backup challenges – the Office 365 conundrum

Posted by Thomas Cowley on 13-Nov-2015 10:36:07

Topics: IBM, backup, skype, VOIP


Microsoft’s utility-computing Office 365 offering takes email out of the corporate domain and places it firmly into the welcoming, low-maintenance home of the cloud.  This has triggered something of an unexpected data protection issue outside of email.  Bundled in the install of Office 365 is what was known as Lync, and is now renamed Skype For Business.  This is the Unified Communications (or UC for short) extension to email: instant messaging and voice over IP (VOIP), if you want to use it.


IBM Systems Technical University – Prague 2015

Posted by Dave White on 11-May-2015 12:53:00

Topics: Events, IBM, Technical University

This post is by Dave White - Senior Storage Engineer

This year Silverstring sent 4 people to join around 550 IBMers/Business Partners and customers from around the world at the IBM Technical University, from the 20th to 24th of April, in the beautiful city of Prague in the Czech Republic. 


IBM Storwize V7000 And SmartCloud VSC Bring Enterprise-Class Performance To Midrange Storage

Posted by Silverstring on 30-Jan-2015 09:31:00

Topics: IBM

In years gone by, the term ‘data protection’ essentially meant to backup and restore. At Silverstring, one of Predatar’s resellers, they’re thinking about the next generation of data protection and understand that today, backup is merely one aspect under the larger data protection umbrella.

Volume copies and remote replication in the storage layer provide more immediate protection and faster recovery from problems and disasters than backup applications such as TSM alone can. IBM are fully aware of this and are producing first class storage devices with features and storage management software to bring next generation data protection to a wider set of customers.


IBM’s Financials Are Down Once More - Is It Time To Cash Your Chips In?

Posted by Silverstring on 23-Jan-2015 09:32:00

Topics: IBM

Earlier this week, IBM announced its financial results for the final quarter of the year. Not entirely surprisingly, pretty much everything was down compared to the previous year. So how bad is it?

First of all, it’s important we put the whole scenario into context and to get a sense of perspective, this company still generated nearly $6 billion of cash in the final quarter of 2014 alone!


Has IBM Turned A Corner With Their Data Storage Business?

Posted by Silverstring on 19-Sep-2014 09:05:05

Topics: IBM

It seems for the last few years IBM was getting a bit of a kicking will falling storage revenues but last quarter saw an 8% rise. Was it a fluke or are we seeing the first signs of a turnaround?

Looking back a few years IBM seemed to have a hand in everything, they felt they needed to cover all bases with a bloated, confused product range in storage. If they didn’t have a product line of its own IBM felt the need to sell someone else’s - first Engenio and then Netapp.

I don’t know if someone made an executive decision to streamline or whether it was forced on them by R&D cuts, to comment would be pure speculation, but regardless it’s been a good move.


IBM Licensing – Keeping Track Using ILMT

Posted by Silverstring on 07-Mar-2014 09:50:40

Topics: IBM

When using capacity or sub-capacity licensing from IBM, it's a requirement to have the IBM Licence Metric Tool (ILMT) installed. However, this is sometimes overlooked by customers, usually as they aren't fully aware of its functionality.

So, what exactly is ILMT, what does it do and how can it benefit you?

Improving efficiency

ILMT is a software tool that can generate accurate reports on your exact usage and entitlement for IBM products. There is no need to run all the calculations out of a spreadsheet. In larger IT teams, the installation of, for example, a TSM for Databases client may go unnoticed by the employees responsible for licensing, at which point the company is in breach of its licensing agreement.


Man Vs. Machine – Can IBM’s Watson Outsource IT Administration?

Posted by Silverstring on 24-Jan-2014 09:30:23

Topics: IBM


This could have been our shortest blog post to date, but whilst I'm sticking to my answer, I want to expand on it a little.

The question was prompted by IBM’s $1 billion investment in a dedicated Watson business unit, tasked with driving $10 billion in revenue within 10 years. Watson has many potential applications, but one is to predict, avoid or diagnose IT infrastructure problems, with analysts interviewed by IBM saying “software can do it better than humans”.



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