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How Beneficial Can The New Tivoli User Community Be To Resolving TSM Woes?

Posted by richardbatespredatar on 05-Apr-2012 15:00:41

Topics: IBM Pulse 2012, Events, Predatar V6.5

Good afternoon,

At the end of my last blog post (‘What Steps Are You Taking To Prepare For Data Growth?’), I mentioned about the IBM Pulse 2012 event that was taking place in early March.

Along with my colleagues, I attended the event and simply put, it was fantastic!

We had the opportunity to meet a number of different people, talked about TSM, data storage and how Predatar V6.5 can be of particular benefit to their organisation. As well as this, we were able to see a number of great talks throughout the event.


What Key Points Should Be Taken Away From IBM Pulse 2012?

Posted by Silverstring on 30-Mar-2012 09:00:33

Topics: IBM Pulse 2012, Events

Taking place between 4th and 7th March 2012, over 8,000 people attended this year’s IBM Pulse event - including Predatar - and the general consensus is it was the best IBM Pulse to date.

Regarded by many as a date they cannot afford to miss, IBM Pulse is - broadly - all about optimising IT infrastructures in a variety of different ways and this year there was a distinct focus on both cost and speed implications to delivering products and services, with the theme being ‘Business Without Limits’.

Each and every year there is a wealth of information all attendees can benefit from to help with continued development - more than you’ll ever be able to take in - and this year was no different.


IBM Tivoli Pulse 2012: Predatar Are Attending – Are You?

Posted by richardbatespredatar on 03-Feb-2012 09:00:50

Topics: IBM Pulse 2012, Events

Good morning,

Firstly, it may be a little belated, but Happy New Year! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year and January hasn't made it seem too much of a distant memory.

For those of you who follow Predatar on Twitter – or in fact any of IBM's Tivoli accounts - you'll be aware that one of the main discussion points over the past few weeks has been IBM's Pulse 2012 event.


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