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How Far Has Node Replication Come In 3 Months, And Where Is It Headed?

Posted by Silverstring on 12-Sep-2014 09:37:26

Topics: Tivoli Storage Manager, Node Replication

Earlier this year, we posted an update on TSM node replication - which itself was an update to a previous post – discussing how the technology has evolved within TSM.

Continuing with our fondness for the technology, and with the latest TSM software, V7.1.1, having just recently been released, we thought it appropriate to offer another post on the topic – particularly as node replication has received a major upgrade in functionality.


Node Replication – Where Are We Now In 2014?

Posted by Silverstring on 23-May-2014 09:31:16

Topics: Node Replication

Last year, we took a look at node replication, being as it was in its v6.4 release. Now 16 months on, we're going to revisit it to look at some of the improvements and where node replication stands currently in the newest version of TSM, v7.1.

Node replication truly moves TSM beyond the traditional tape backup, demonstrating TSM’s power and versatility as a modern data protection solution.


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