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Why the boiled frog myth is a bad metaphor for IBM partners

Posted by Alistair Mackenzie on 05-Jun-2015 09:30:00

Topics: Partners and Resellers, Disaster Recovery, Data Management, Clients, MSPs

If you plunge a frog into boiling water, it will immediately jump out. But if you place the frog into cool water and slowly heat it to boiling, the frog won’t notice and will slowly cook to death. So claims the myth. 



TSM + Predatar + Premier Business Partner = A Winning Combination

Posted by Silverstring on 06-Dec-2013 09:30:45

Topics: Partners and Resellers

The IBM business partners are a hardy breed. Led by entrepreneurs who have built up their business over many years, they make a living for themselves by providing not just a route to market, but a lot of time and effort to ensuring projects are successful for their customers and IBM.

With traditional enterprise users watching their spending in the last few years, times have been anything but easy for the business partner community. Interestingly, however, leading analysts are predicting an assault from a new direction – the cloud.


Silverstring Delivers In Staffordshire

Posted by Silverstring on 05-Apr-2013 09:30:37

Topics: Backups, Partners and Resellers

With the huge budget cuts faced by local governments up and down the country, councils are having to draw in purse strings more than ever before.

Unfortunately, as so many IT professionals will know, this usually means considerable budget cuts in the IT department. As a part of the business that is so often seen as being 'invisible', it's somewhat understandable that substantial cuts are made, no matter how vital the service may be.

This is exactly the situation Staffordshire County Council found itself in recently, facing huge amounts of pressure to not only offer the most effective and efficient backup system possible for its 30,000+ workforce, but to do so within an ever-decreasing budget.


Understanding Exactly Why A TSM Managed Service Could Be Perfect For You

Posted by Silverstring on 02-Nov-2012 09:30:00

Topics: Partners and Resellers

This blog post is provided by Bob Swiatoschik of Compsat Technology, one of Predatar’s resellers based in Southfield, Michigan. Compsat Technology have been integrating IT solutions and services for nearly two decades, working on over 4,000 projects for more than 300 clients.

What’s that old saying? “When I have the time, I don’t have the money and when I have the money, I don’t have the time!”

As General Manager of Compsat Technology, I’ve been involved in providing TSM implementation and TSM managed services to customers of all sizes for over 12 years. Although much has changed since I first started working in the industry, one thing I continue to see over and over again is neglect.


The Ryder Cup, TSM And A Predatar Reseller

Posted by Silverstring on 28-Sep-2012 09:00:59

Topics: Partners and Resellers, Tivoli Storage Manager, Predatar V6.5

We love talking about all things storage. It’s what we know, what we love and what our clients like to hear and read about.

Every now and again though, it’s good to take a step away from it and we try to catch up with as many of our clients as possible on a regular basis to simply see how things are going. Chances are we do end up talking about storage to some degree, but because it’s in an informal environment, not only is the conversation very open, but we often end up talking about a whole range of things!


Predatar expands into Germany

Posted by predatarblog on 10-Aug-2012 11:18:22

Topics: Partners and Resellers, Uncategorised

A partnership with Profi Engineering Systems AG has been formed to further expand the reach of the Predatar automation software.

Profi , headquartered in Darmstadt near Frankfurt, are a large successful IT company with over 300 employees and 14 offices throughout Germany. Profi have a large IBM franchise as well as partnerships with Microsoft, Netapp, VMware and many more.

With a fast growing services practice keeping over 100 IT engineers busy, Profi were looking for a cloud based automation platform to pull together monitoring, alerting, reporting and asset management in one intuitive system. Previously several point solutions were required and the lack of integration meant the technology which underpins their service was not keeping pace with the business growth.


IBM Storwize V7000 - Can It Really Be As Beneficial As It’s Reported To Be?

Posted by richardbatespredatar on 20-Jul-2012 10:00:49

Topics: Storage Management, Partners and Resellers

Good morning,

After seeing lots of coverage recently around IBM’s Storwize V7000, I wanted to take the time today to explain a little more about it and look at just how beneficial many say it can be.

As one of the largest technology companies in the world (in every respect, from turnover through to employees), IBM have an absolute wealth of products that they offer across their entire range of services.

Showing the company’s size, in the past decade IBM have filed - and successfully received - more patents than any other company, not only making their product portfolio expansive, but arguably more enviable than any of their competitors’.


How Silverstring Reduced Their Operating Expenses By 35% With An IT Renovation

Posted by Silverstring on 13-Jul-2012 10:00:30

Topics: Partners and Resellers, Predatar V6.5

It’s a necessity for all organisations to monitor their internal IT systems to ensure they are as efficient as they can be. As data grows and technology advances, it’s without doubt a possibility to simply cling on to the systems you’ve been using for years, but developments can mean increased efficiency and improved savings - and this is exactly what Predatar reseller Silverstring have seen in recent weeks.

For some time now, Silverstring’s Technical Services team have been analysing their internal IT systems, particularly in respect of their function of hosting Predatar, the UK based storage management automation application, which continues to be more demanding.

And with more and more of Silverstring’s customers using products from the Predatar portfolio and with the growing amount of storage under Silvertsring’s management, it was apparent that an IT renovation was needed.


Silverstring's 30 Day TSM Cost Buster Programme - 8 Steps To Reducing Your TSM Budgets

Posted by Silverstring on 22-Jun-2012 10:00:37

Topics: Partners and Resellers, Predatar V6.5, Training

Knowing how important - and difficult - it can be working within reducing, restrictive budgets, something that more and more IT departments are having to do, Predatar reseller, Silverstring, have put together a 30 Day Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) Cost Buster Programme that will help you to quickly and effectively slash the costs associated with your TSM environment.

Covering eight separate points, the following provides a brief insight into what you should expect to discuss and be looked at during the programme.


TSM Not Giving You The Return You Expect? Let Silverstring Help

Posted by Silverstring on 25-May-2012 10:00:58

Topics: Partners and Resellers, Predatar V6.5

There’s no doubt Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) is a great IBM product. Sure, just like most software, it has its downsides, but there isn’t a piece of software out there that’s perfect and TSM meets - at the very least - the basic needs of its target audience.

With some of the gaps in the software, third party products can be used, such as our automation App for TSM. However, one of the product’s major issues isn’t with the software itself, but with the way it’s utilised by users.

Having been available to the public in its current branded form since 1999, it was available for many years before this as WDSF (Workstation Data Save Facility) and then ADSM (ADSTAR Distributed Storage Manager).


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