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8 Steps To A Healthy And Optimal TSM Environment

Posted by Silverstring on 23-Aug-2013 09:30:40

Topics: General, Tivoli Storage Manager, Predatar V7

When you purchase Predatar, you get much more than a piece of software; you invest in the future health of your TSM environment and you're given the tools, support and resources to feel confident everything is going to run in the most effective way it can.

As part of the support aspect, we deliver training sessions to new users to essentially guide them around the product and explain how they can carry out a variety of different processes to get them seeing the benefits of Predatar almost instantly.


At Predatar, We're Going Mobile!

Posted by Silverstring on 31-May-2013 09:30:23

Topics: General, Predatar V7

As a company involved heavily in the data storage industry, it's important we feel as confident as we can do that we're not only offering the best service possible, but we're doing so by taking advantage of the latest technologies.

When it comes to the actual TSM support products we offer we are always striving towards perfection. We are continually listening to feedback and looking at industry habits in order to enhance the way in which they’re provided and how our clients utilise them.


Q1 - It Just Keeps On Getting Better For Predatar

Posted by Silverstring on 19-Apr-2013 09:30:15

Topics: General, Predatar V7

Good morning,

It's been a while since I've published a post here on the Predatar blog, but thankfully it's been for a good reason – the last few months have been so action packed everyone in the entire company is asking where they've gone!

Today, I really wanted to give you an overview of just what we've been up to since the new year started, as well as provide an insight into what we've got planned over the coming few months.


Predatar V7 – The Future Of TSM Automation, Optimisation And Reporting Has Arrived

Posted by Silverstring on 22-Mar-2013 09:30:36

Topics: Predatar V7

For anyone who dropped by our stand at this year's IBM Pulse event, you'll have discovered our latest release, Predatar V7.

With our Predatar suite of products being continually developed we've always strived to ensure they're offering the best service possible to our clients.

Strongly believing it's a fantastic TSM optimisation tool and one of the best available, it's packed full of features we're certain will not only make our clients' lives easier, but make their entire TSM estate much more effective and efficient.


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