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Maintaining Compliance And Keeping Auditors Off Your Back – The Wonders Of Report Automation

Posted by Silverstring on 30-Nov-2012 09:30:39

Topics: Reporting, Predatar V6.6

They are two very simple words, but especially in the world of IT, automation and compliance often scare the living daylights out of people.

The reasons behind this are vast and varied, but they generally form part of a vicious circle – if you're a Data Administrator for example, you need to ensure you're complying by the regulations for audit purposes and automation can help you do that effectively. But by automating processes, you could risk putting yourself out of a job. If you don't do it, however, you're not going to be able to comply with the regulations as needed, which could lead to job losses anyway.

Complicated, worrying, confusing and frustrating, right?


The Key Benefits Of Predatar's Efficient, Effective And Easy Reporting Process

Posted by Silverstring on 26-Oct-2012 09:30:28

Topics: Reporting, Predatar V6.6

For anyone who has been using Predatar over the last few years, it’s clear how much development has taken place across the whole of the product. From the actual TSM data it can handle through to the output every user can receive, we’ve always had a focus on continually driving Predatar forward so it delivers consistent and increasingly rapid results to users of Tivoli Storage Manager.

Right throughout its development, one focus has always remained constant - and that’s to provide the best reporting facility we can. The reporting process has moved forward tremendously in recent times, there are a number of key points that showcase this perfectly.


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