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Delivering data protection as a service? How to raise your game

Posted by Alistair Mackenzie on 14-Aug-2015 16:28:00

Topics: Storage Management, Data Storage, Storage Software, Data Management

 You’ve spent a bit of time and a lot of money creating your new Data Protection service. The marketing brochures are done, the sales team are trained and the support team is in place. You’re ready to tell all your customers about this great new way to buy backup and disaster recovery. What could go wrong?



Hybrid cloud solutions- What you need to know

Posted by Seb Barfield on 17-Jul-2015 17:00:00

Topics: Storage Management, Cloud, Flash, Disaster Recovery, Storage Software, Data Management, News, backup, hybrid cloud, DRaaS, BaaS, backup as a services

At Silverstring we take IBM storage software into the global cloud. Utilising the cloud in conjunction with your current TSM setup can provide benefits in disaster recovery scenarios, when archiving data and when being used for applications.


The cloud can be used for multiple products across the spectrum range including Spectrum Protect, Spectrum Virtualise, Spectrum Accelerate, Spectrum Scale and Spectrum Control. This article concentrates on uses of Spectrum Protect in a Hybrid Cloud solution


IBM storage: Turbo Compression – Increase Capacity AND performance without buying any disks.

Posted by Dave White on 03-Jul-2015 10:00:00

Topics: Storage Management, Flash, Storage Software, Data Management, News, backup, turbo compression


At the IBM Technical University in Prague, there were many fascinating presentations. Being a technical storage and data protection kind of guy with an aversion to jargon (leveraging synergies etc.), I tried to stay clear of the more ‘salesy’ ones. I did, with heavy heart, attend a lecture entitled “Spectrum Virtualize Infrastructures & Turbo Compression: technology, use cases, financial savings & client studies” by the excellent Pierre Sabloniere. It was a lecture on how to sell IBM storage, but the story he told was so compelling that the technology sells itself.


Are you still paying for backup and disaster recovery as two separate items?

Posted by Thomas Cowley on 19-Jun-2015 10:30:00

Topics: Storage Management, Cloud, Data Storage, Disaster Recovery, Storage Software, Data Management, backup

 The ‘march to the cloud’ continues across much of the business solutions our customers use, but most often people are swapping out like-for-like solutions.  This isn’t always the best way to take advantage of the new capabilities of the cloud.


What data storage will be required for the Internet of Things?

Posted by Alistair Mackenzie on 12-Jun-2015 14:41:00

Topics: Storage Management, Data Storage, Storage Software, Data Management

 The 1,000-ft. Amazonian Tall Tower Observatory (ATTO) is now the tallest structure in South America, built at a cost of $9 billion. Located 100 miles from the nearest city in the Amazon rainforest, it will give scientists unparalleled insights about climate change. The tower’s data will be readily available to scientists across the globe.


Software Defined Storage And Backup - The True User Link Between Silverstring And IBM?

Posted by Silverstring on 01-May-2015 09:40:00

Topics: Storage Management, Backups, Storage Software

This post is by Thomas Cowley – Silverstring New Business Development Executive

Last week was a great day to hear about the latest developments and strategy for IBM’s new Spectrum Storage brand. For a select group of Silverstring guests, the information alone made the day fantastic, but the location made it all that more impressive – London’s Pont de la Tour restaurant.


The Three ‘I’s’ Of Successful MSPs

Posted by Silverstring on 12-Dec-2014 09:30:00

Topics: Storage Management

In the business partner or reseller community, it seems every discussion is about changing business models to align with changing buyer behaviours.

One such model - commonly referred to as Cloud computing - is buyers renting technology rather than owning it. For resellers, this can prove to be a significant change in the way they operate.


We All Know Software Defined Storage Is A Necessity, But How Can You Make Sense Of The Data You’re Storing?

Posted by Silverstring on 05-Dec-2014 09:00:00

Topics: Storage Management

The amount of data we generate, use and store has been growing astronomically for some time now, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. As many experts predicted, this growth is driven by the Cloud environment and applications such as data analytics, mobile and social.

Whilst having such a vast amount of data at your finger tips appears beneficial on the highest level, companies need to be able to ‘make sense’ of each and every piece of data they have stored, ultimately allowing them to exploit it to create new business opportunities and increase their agility.


Is Capacity Management Back In Fashion For Backup Administrators?

Posted by Silverstring on 02-May-2014 09:30:27

Topics: Storage Management

For many years, it seemed as though nobody cared a great deal about how much data was stored in their backup environment. There's unlikely to be any one standout reason why, but we're confident for many it was because the cost of tape media and offsite storage was low compared to primary data stores.

Unfortunately, the latter isn't true today. Gartner claims that organisations are wasting $10 billion annually on backing up and storing unnecessary data. IT managers and administrators are increasingly investing much more in managing capacity, and we believe this to be for a number of reasons:


IBM Defines Its Storage Strategy With New Software Play

Posted by Silverstring on 28-Mar-2014 10:18:35

Topics: Storage Management

In February, IBM announced a new storage virtualisation offering aimed at companies with up to 250TB of data.

An interesting development, but what will IBM’s new software do for you? And if you currently buy another vendor’s storage, why should you switch?


Firstly, it's important to understand you don’t actually need to switch. The new software, called Virtual Storage Centre (VSC), adds a virtualisation layer and supports hundreds of different storage arrays. This means you can extend the life of your storage assets.


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