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A Quick And Easy Guide To Understanding The Benefits Of IBM TPC 5.2

Posted by Silverstring on 11-Apr-2014 09:30:45

Topics: Tivoli Productivity Center

Your users are complaining the system is slow. Again. You only bought this new storage box last year and already it's showing its age.

Or is it? How do you know? The diagnostics on the storage UI show everything is fine. So, what else could it be?


If TPC Kicked Off The Storage Efficiency Game, 5.1 Has Just Won The Match

Posted by Silverstring on 17-Aug-2012 10:00:26

Topics: Storage Management, Tivoli Productivity Center

The updated TPC 5.1 GUI

We know that storage in every sense can be expensive, but the truth is it costs more money to manage your storage environment than it does to initially buy and build it. In fact, some analysts predict that you’ll spend 8 x more money on managing your storage than you did paying for the infrastructure.

So as data can essentially be linked to money, the more data you store, the more money you need. This means the overall efficiency is crucial and plays a big role when buying and managing your storage. It’s a simple equation - the more efficient your storage environment is, the less money you have to pay out.


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