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How Far Has Node Replication Come In 3 Months, And Where Is It Headed?

Posted by Silverstring on 12-Sep-2014 09:37:26

Topics: Tivoli Storage Manager, Node Replication

Earlier this year, we posted an update on TSM node replication - which itself was an update to a previous post – discussing how the technology has evolved within TSM.

Continuing with our fondness for the technology, and with the latest TSM software, V7.1.1, having just recently been released, we thought it appropriate to offer another post on the topic – particularly as node replication has received a major upgrade in functionality.


5 Clear Reasons Now Is The Time To Exploit The Power Of TSM 7.1

Posted by Silverstring on 14-Mar-2014 10:00:48

Topics: Tivoli Storage Manager

In less than 50 days, IBM will cease support of TSM 5 and 6.1, prompting users to move to 7.1 – no one needs to be utilising a product that isn't supported.

However, this isn't actually the main reason to move to TSM 7.1. There are so many positive reasons which should encourage you to act and realise transformational benefits to your business resilience infrastructure – and these five are undoubtedly the most notable.


Forrester Research Reinforces ‘TSM In The Cloud’ Message

Posted by Silverstring on 28-Feb-2014 09:30:46

Topics: Tivoli Storage Manager

We're at IBM Pulse in Las Vegas this week and we've had the opportunity to hear some fantastic talks. One of them came from Rachel Dines of Forrester Research, in which she gave a three-step action plan for improving data resiliency in enterprise IT:

  1. Move beyond just backup
  2. Embrace the cloud
  3. Automate

As you may have seen from our post last week, we have undoubtedly embraced the cloud. You can now trial Predatar - TSM in the Cloud - via a simple download from the cloud, giving you instant analytics of your Tivoli Storage Manager environment. No complex installation and no server or database to manage.


TSM Auto-Client Deployment - Automation At Its Easiest

Posted by Silverstring on 20-Dec-2013 09:30:47

Topics: Tivoli Storage Manager

In a recent blog post, we touched on a visit to a large customer and discussed how Predatar had streamlined their day-to-day TSM administration. As admin tasks still seem to fill a considerable amount of time, we thought we’d share with you our experiences of one more time-saving tip – the ability to automatically upgrade unlimited TSM clients from the comfort of your favourite command line.

Forget about bug issues with old versions; think about the new TSM client functions available to you and being able to stay in support with the product you trust and need for securing your data.


How To Choose An x86 OS For TSM Servers

Posted by Silverstring on 13-Dec-2013 10:19:17

Topics: Tivoli Storage Manager

Tivoli Storage Manager has evolved considerably over the years, becoming an immensely flexible product and one which can not only be installed on a number of supported operating systems, but support multiple platforms, too.

Today, we are looking at the main contenders on the x86 platform - Windows and Linux. Predatar reseller Silverstring offer TSM solutions for both these options, but why – or how – should you pick one over the other?


The Power Of Collaboration With IBM Tivoli Storage Manager

Posted by Silverstring on 22-Nov-2013 09:30:25

Topics: Tivoli Storage Manager

A frequently quoted benefit of cloud computing is improved collaboration. Today, we want to take a look at just how this applies to managing data in the cloud, be that on or off site, as well as touching on what we at Predatar are doing to facilitate this revolution.

Where did it all begin?

First, let’s look at the overall benefits of collaboration and where better to start than in the clouds – literally!
In 1951, the World Meteorological Organization was founded and this ultimately led to the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change).


How Does Applying Big Data And Cloud To TSM 7.1 Work?

Posted by Alistair Mackenzie on 15-Nov-2013 09:30:35

Topics: Tivoli Storage Manager

I came across an 'infographic' the other day (what did marketeers do before someone invented them?) and it said that TSM was managing something like 7 exabytes of data globally.

Now there's no doubt that’s a lot of data by any standard, but it's spread across tens of thousands of customers, millions of servers and it's changing every second of every day. The disparate nature of it makes applying big data practices somewhat challenging - but what if we added a cloud management system on top?


Cloud-ready Predatar data protection tool updated to support Tivoli Storage Manager V7.1

Posted by Silverstring on 13-Nov-2013 09:46:25

Topics: Cloud, Uncategorised, Tivoli Storage Manager, Predatar V8.1

Version 8.1 of innovative storage automation application features new self-service business collaboration portal

Following the launch of IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) V7.1, we are pleased to announce the release of our new cloud edition of the Predatar application.

The latest enterprise-ready version of the tool provides a cloud-based management layer which complements the core TSM product, with additional services such as metering and billing, reporting and provisioning.


How To Create Tiered Backup Services With TSM 7.1

Posted by Silverstring on 08-Nov-2013 09:30:31

Topics: Tivoli Storage Manager

In last week’s blog post we discussed whether TSM 7.1 was ready for the cloud computing era. Keeping on the topic of IBM's latest release, this week we look at how TSM 7.1 can help enterprises, cloud providers and MSPs (managed service providers) build efficient and competitive backup services.

Over the coming years (months, even), the drive to add service value will only become increasingly important as we're faced with the onslaught of low cost storage services from cloud providers such as Amazon and Google, who benefit from massive economies of scale.


Is TSM 7.1 Ready For The Cloud Era?

Posted by Silverstring on 01-Nov-2013 09:30:19

Topics: Tivoli Storage Manager

This week, IBM announced the latest release of its flagship data protection solution, Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) 7.1.

Packed full of developments and improvements, today we wanted to highlight some of the key changes IBM have made in an effort to tempt more cloud builders and service providers to use TSM.

Scalability is vital

The very nature of cloud architecture will drive the need for scalable data management solutions – it's as simple as that. And according to IBM, TSM 7.1 is 8x more scalable than V5 (which as we've discussed previously, is due to reach the end of its life in April next year).


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