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From Node Replication To IBM Spectrum Storage, Our Top Five Posts In 2015 So Far

Posted by Silverstring on 06-Mar-2015 11:56:00

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At Predatar, we're big fans of not just storing and protecting data, but analysing it. The more an organisation can analyse the data they're processing, the more they can take from it and therefore the more it can impact on their business.

When it comes to our Predatar blog, we like to investigate our visitor activity regularly, looking at everything from which posts are seeing the longest visit durations through to which are seeing the most activity on social media.


Tivoli Storage Manager + SoftLayer = Next Generation Data Protection

Posted by Silverstring on 13-Feb-2015 09:30:00

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We’re delighted to announce that UK Predatar reseller Silverstring has developed a data protection solution, combining the best of IBM’s flagship storage software, Tivoli Storage Manager, and SoftLayer, IBM’s hyper growth Cloud company.

Developed based on clear audience requirements, the solution delivers enterprise class data protection by utilising a network of IBM datacenters in Europe, specifically designed with smaller enterprises in mind.


Want BaaS, With The Flexibility Of SaaS, On PAYG? It's Time To Take A Look At Silverstring

Posted by Silverstring on 05-Sep-2014 09:30:29

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In our blog post from last week, we talked about the growing SaaS market and just how beneficial it could actually be for data protection and backup. With SaaS having a multitude of benefits and some key industry players ramping up their investment in it, it's very likely the two will become synonymous with each other moving forward.

But although this is the case, and with companies such as IBM likely to develop bigger and better product offerings in the near future, there are still some very clear gaps that are waiting to be filled.


Cloud-ready Predatar data protection tool updated to support Tivoli Storage Manager V7.1

Posted by Silverstring on 13-Nov-2013 09:46:25

Topics: Cloud, Uncategorised, Tivoli Storage Manager, Predatar V8.1

Version 8.1 of innovative storage automation application features new self-service business collaboration portal

Following the launch of IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) V7.1, we are pleased to announce the release of our new cloud edition of the Predatar application.

The latest enterprise-ready version of the tool provides a cloud-based management layer which complements the core TSM product, with additional services such as metering and billing, reporting and provisioning.


TSM for Virtual Environments / Licensed and ready to go…

Posted by Silverstring on 19-Jul-2013 09:30:52

Topics: Uncategorised

As a licensed TSM data protection for VMware module, TSM for Virtual Environments (TSM for VE) works in conjunction with the backup archive client to deliver virtual machine (VM) level backup and restore, as well as file-level recovery from the single pass VM backup.

The TSM for VE component adds changed block-tracking and block-level incremental and file level restore capability, amongst a variety of other features alongside the basic client functionality of a full VM backup and restore.


Fantastic People, Fantastic Event – Our Review Of IBM Edge

Posted by Silverstring on 21-Jun-2013 09:55:19

Topics: Uncategorised, Events, IBM Edge 2013

Good morning,

Last week, myself and three colleagues hopped on a plane and headed to Mandalay Bay, one of the newest hotels at the southernmost point on the Las Vegas Strip.

Arguably not the most obvious of places to have a conference where geeks unite and talk tech (in fact, anywhere but the middle of the desert where it was 115 degrees would have seemed more appropriate!), IBM thought of everything, however – with six swimming pools, there was always the opportunity to get down to the cooler temperatures we're more accustomed to.

This was the second IBM Edge event, with last year's taking place in Florida, and the fact that attendance doubled to nearly 5,000 this year (including 900 IBM partners and 60 event sponsors, such as Predatar!) shows just how fantastic the event was previously and how in demand this year's was.

Undoubtedly a great conference, with so much to take in, it's difficult to know where to start 'reviewing' it.


Just bring Sunshine…

Posted by Silverstring on 10-May-2013 09:34:20

Topics: Uncategorised, Events, Training

Join the team at Silverstring for a barbecue in Bloxham on the 21st June. It will be an informal and relaxed day, yet packed with the latest insights to help you improve your TSM management skills.

It would be great if you could make it.


We want to get your Backup

Posted by Silverstring on 03-May-2013 09:29:18

Topics: Backups, Uncategorised, Tivoli Storage Manager

This is just a short post this week about our all new Backup Index service. In short, it will enable you to accurately measure and benchmark the effectiveness of your backup. You will be able to compare yourself with your competition and keep track on your performance over time.

The insight this asset could bring to your business could save you thousands and thousands of pounds. It will also improve the performance of your backup by uncovering any inefficiencies that are lurking in your backup systems.


The TSM Cost Buster Programme: 8 ways to reduce costs across your TSM environment.

Posted by Silverstring on 22-Feb-2013 09:42:00

Topics: Uncategorised, Data Management

Last Summer, our UK Predatar partner Silverstring successfully launched their innovative TSM Cost Buster Programme, helping their clients save money across their TSM environment.

The feedback so far has been extremely positive. This blog contains 8 key areas where performance gains and savings have been made.


Predatar expands into Germany

Posted by predatarblog on 10-Aug-2012 11:18:22

Topics: Partners and Resellers, Uncategorised

A partnership with Profi Engineering Systems AG has been formed to further expand the reach of the Predatar automation software.

Profi , headquartered in Darmstadt near Frankfurt, are a large successful IT company with over 300 employees and 14 offices throughout Germany. Profi have a large IBM franchise as well as partnerships with Microsoft, Netapp, VMware and many more.

With a fast growing services practice keeping over 100 IT engineers busy, Profi were looking for a cloud based automation platform to pull together monitoring, alerting, reporting and asset management in one intuitive system. Previously several point solutions were required and the lack of integration meant the technology which underpins their service was not keeping pace with the business growth.


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