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Next Gen VM Backup – IBM shows its hand

Posted by Steve Miller on 23-Aug-2017 13:55:02

Topics: Spectrum Protect, VMware, virtual machine backup, Spectrum Protect Plus, Hyper-V, Snapshot

IBM have been dropping hints for some time now that they have a new product, specifically aimed at recapturing some of that virtual machine backup market. Sure, with Spectrum Protect for Virtual Environments, IBM have a compelling product with state of the art support for virtualised environments, particularly those using vSphere.


Spectrum Protect 8.1 gets VMware tagging

Posted by Steve Miller on 23-Dec-2016 14:40:06

Topics: Spectrum Protect, VMware, tagging, 8.1

Server virtualisation has disrupted the traditional models of data protection by allowing new vendors to challenge the traditional dominance of IBM, EMC and Veritas. The role of data backup and recovery is increasingly been performed directly by the VMware administrator, using point solutions which have been designed around them, for ease of use and performance.


Scaling It Up With IBM VMWare Protection

Posted by Silverstring on 06-Feb-2015 09:39:00

Topics: VMware

We often speak to customers with VMWare environments of all sizes, shapes and scales at Predatar; customers who require a protection solution to fit alongside their TSM environment.

IBM have a couple of offerings to assist customers with this requirement, and we’ve covered TSM for VE before. It’s a powerful tool that leverages VMWare technology to provide consistent snapshots, backed up into a proven IBM data protection solution. However, many questions are raised about its functionality, including scaling it up to larger environments.


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