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TSM Not Giving You The Return You Expect? Let Silverstring Help

Posted by Silverstring on 25-May-2012 10:00:58

There’s no doubt Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) is a great IBM product. Sure, just like most software, it has its downsides, but there isn’t a piece of software out there that’s perfect and TSM meets - at the very least - the basic needs of its target audience.

With some of the gaps in the software, third party products can be used, such as our automation App for TSM. However, one of the product’s major issues isn’t with the software itself, but with the way it’s utilised by users.

Having been available to the public in its current branded form since 1999, it was available for many years before this as WDSF (Workstation Data Save Facility) and then ADSM (ADSTAR Distributed Storage Manager).

As with many other pieces of software that have been available for numerous years, TSM has developed exponentially. The software today is greatly improved and far more beneficial and user-friendly than it was even five or six years ago.

But just because the software has evolved, it doesn’t necessarily mean the techniques and processes that are used by the software’s users have and Silverstring, one of Predatar V6.5’s resellers, have realised that there are many companies using TSM in a very outdated fashion, even though they have the functionality to use it in a substantially more beneficial way.

Meaning they aren’t maximising the potential of their TSM environment, as pro-active as ever, Silverstring are offering complimentary one-to-one workshops that are designed to showcase just what TSM can do today and how you can benefit from these developments and improvements.

These workshops will look at where you are in terms of your existing TSM techniques and processes, what capabilities you have available as per the current version of TSM and where the most notable improvements could be made to develop your TSM usage, so to increase the benefits you see.

What’s more, Silverstring are happy to host these complimentary workshops at their offices or at your own location, working around your schedule to deliver the sessions in the most suitable way possible.

And if you don’t think you could benefit from this training, ask yourself these questions - did you know TSM can now help to improve your deduplication processes? How about the fact you can benefit from an increased level of data protection within your virtual environment? Or perhaps how your data management can improve from the latest unified recovery processes through enhanced data replication?

One of the most common downfalls with software isn’t with the product itself, but the users and Silverstring are setting out to ensure this is no longer the case with Tivoli Storage Manager.

To find out more about Silverstring’s complimentary TSM workshops, contact info@silverstring.com.

Don’t Forget – Silverstring are running complimentary 30 minute webex training sessions on the latest Predatar release right throughout May and June and they’re hosting their second Back 2 Basics event on Friday 15th June, too!

Topics: Partners and Resellers, Predatar V6.5

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