Other firms see data security as protecting your files. We see it as protecting your entire future.

We exist to protect not only your IP, your hard-won reputation and your trusted relationships but also to help you unleash your data’s potential.

That’s why we don’t just obsessively safeguard it but we make sure you can access your most valuable information in agile ways, long-term, without letting the costs spiral out of control.

How we help you realise your data’s potential

We use our expertise, insights and custom algorithms to help you make the most of your data and solve your challenges across security, availability and preservation.

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    Data Security

    Our philosophy that good enough protection is not good enough. True data security is knowing, without a shadow of a doubt, that one of your most valuable assets is properly stored and protected.

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    Data Availability

    To get maximum value from your data, we’ll help you to keep it flowing whenever and wherever you need it, ensuring that it will be recoverable in the event of disaster, hardware failure, breach or loss.

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    Data Preservation

    We’ll help ensure you’re never paying more than necessary for your data storage. We do this by allocating budget where it’s needed most and by stripping out duplication and inefficiency.


Just a few months after we began using Silverstring we’d saved around 20% of our entire backup infrastructure, which was mostly down to the incredible amount of visibility we had gained.

Paul Russell, Systems Manager


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