Data is no longer just a useful thing to have. To function, your people need access to it – always. Without that all-important availability, your data becomes a liability.

But data volumes are soaring. Tied down by legacy systems and outdated procedures, organisations find that more and more of their time is dedicated to backup and data protection processes. All of this means fewer resources are available for what’s really important: transforming your business for the better.

Silverstring offers an alternative.

More than an ‘insurance policy’

At Silverstring, we believe that backup and availability should be more than an ‘insurance policy’. The right service should ensure that your resources are used in the best possible way – to help your business change for the better.

Alchemis Protect® delivers enterprise-grade data protection, tailored to your specific needs. But much more than this, we aim to free you up; to enable you to get on with the transformation your business craves.

Do you have a backup problem?

Strategies are shifting

How much data will we hold this time next year? Will that data remain on-premise or shift to the cloud? How will our business model, customer expectations and compliance requirements shape our future retention policies? Gone are the days of upfront 5-year storage and backup investment projects. Getting by with a “fingers crossed” approach to capacity planning is no longer good enough.

Data volumes are increasing rapidly

Globally, the volume of data is doubling every two years. As you embrace greater data-driven decision making, soaring volumes are a fact of life. But volume is not the same as value. As your data estate increases in size, the challenge is ensuring that you have the capability to extract valuable insights from it.

Infrastructure is too rigid

Processes are slow and heavily reliant on human input. Highly qualified staff are often deployed in routine maintenance and troubleshooting; valuable time that could be better spent elsewhere.

Expenditure is in the wrong place

Around 70-80% of IT budgets are currently devoted to day-to-day administration – i.e. ‘keeping the lights on’. There is very little spare to devote to business transformation.

Disparate solutions

Most organisations require more than one availability solution to meet their needs. This further adds to the complexity of data protection management.

Alchemis Protect from Silverstring Alchemis Protect from Silverstring Stack


Data is Only Useful When It’s Accessible

Guaranteed data availability, no matter where it resides and no matter what threats or events are around the corner.

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Imagine a solution…

Imagine being released from the needless expense of legacy data protection, allowing you to redeploy your budget to more profitable ends.

Imagine automated provisioning - and not having to wait days just for a new server to be added to the backup schedule.

Imagine a seamless service spanning multi-cloud and multi-vendor. No more silos of data protection technology with a mish-mash of contract renewals.

Imagine on-demand termination where a particular solution can be shut down as soon as the need for it has ceased, ensuring zero costs wastage.

With Alchemis Protect® from Silverstring, backup is no longer a burden…

As an Alchemis Protect® customer, you’ll benefit from…


100% data recovery guarantee, for 100% confidence:

We believe that peace of mind should be a given. That’s why we guarantee that if you are unable to get your data back, you don’t pay us*


Seamless, automated management:

Allowing you to put your resources to better use. A single platform for backup, archive and copy data management, connects all on and off-site workloads, regardless of technology.


Accurate capacity:

No need for ‘just in case’ over-provision. Alchemis Protect’s AI enabled services provide accurate forecasting.


Protection that matches your data retention policies:

Automated provisioning spanning all on and off-premise datacenters, linked to your service catalogue.

Alchemis Protect®: Data Protection with Added Value

For too long, data protection has been seen as a burden; as somehow divorced from an organisation’s wider goals. Silverstring takes a different approach.

With Alchemis Protect®, your data is no longer a base metal tying you up with protection commitments. We give you the freedom and reassurance to unlock its true worth.

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