If you think that you hold a lot of data right now, just wait and see what’s around the corner.

In less than a decade, total data worldwide will swell tenfold to a staggering 163ZB – and 60% of this will be created by enterprises.

Analytics, behavioural information, BI modelling, trillions of indicators drawn from connected devices: all businesses are contributors to the Great Data Bonanza.

With new sources of data, we’ll understand our customers better. We’ll make better decisions. We’ll beat the competition. We’ll manage the changes and solve the problems our organisation is faced with.

At least, that’s the theory

But here’s the sore point. From artificial intelligence through to IoT, the new technologies we seek to put to work are data-intensive and demand ever-greater storage capacity.

Unless you can adequately manage and store that data, it’s not a bonanza that you’re facing. It’s a deluge. Here’s the biggest risk posed by this deluge: that the people who rely on this data become unable to access it.

Data is now critical to your success, so non-availability becomes a business critical issue.

What are your availability risks?

A Sprawling IT Estate

Customer account data from online and physical locations, structured BI, behavioural and IoT data, a ‘data inheritance’ following a merger: all of this contributes to a bulging IT estate. This data is scattered across multiple locations – both physical and in the Cloud.

A Worrying Threat Landscape

From the rise of weaponised malware and DDoS to the insider threat, cybersecurity demands a sophisticated response. Downtime and associated loss of productivity are typically the two biggest financial impacts following a security event.

Cost Pressures

You want to be better able to respond quickly and efficiently to data protection events. You also need the reassurance of knowing that your data will always be available. You want all of this without it resulting in spiralling administrative and HR costs.

Legacy Systems

The volume and type of data you control has changed. The risk level is higher. Yet despite this, you are saddled with outdated data protection architecture, tools and processes.

How Silverstring can help?

Putting Availability First

Backup, response, recovery: if business continuity and availability is your number one concern, it’s ours, too.

More Control

Simple monitoring and reactive support, proactive managed services - or else full BaaS or DRaaS: we can deliver as much or as little input as you need.

Decisions Based On The Evidence

Through full viability and ROI modelling, we look at your needs forensically, using the evidence to help you discover where your budget can be put to best use.

Do More With Less

With patch management, capacity management and backups taken care of, you can reclaim budget and resources. And with complete visibility across your entire estate, you have the reassurance of knowing what’s happening.

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