New malware threats, advanced and targeted threat actors, a host of new compliance obligations: evidence suggests that a security breach isn’t just something that happens to other people.

Infiltration attempts are an inevitability. But these attempts don’t damage your business, it’s what happens next (or doesn’t happen) that really matters.

At some point, the wall will be breached. Data security is about safeguarding what’s behind it. You need to ensure that even if it is accessed, the risk of exploitation is minimised.

Encryption is a valuable part of this strategy

But then come the questions… How do we handle key management? What impact will comprehensive encryption have on performance? What if encryption leaves our people unable to access critical data?

Too complex. Too risky. Too often, the encryption strategy falls prey to terminal pushback. And the data behind that wall remains as vulnerable as ever.

With effective and practical security strategies, Silverstring enables companies to break this deadlock. We help deliver the security and peace of mind your organisation is aiming for.

Identifying your security challenges


Establishing where sensitive data resides within the business. Scattered endpoints, remote employees and a proliferation of data volume and categories (e.g. through connected devices) can all complicate the discovery process.


Determining which data to protect – and the most appropriate methods of encryption to deploy.


Ensuring effective implementation and compatibility with existing systems.


From mobile devices through to cloud IaaS, if you are working with different platforms, the absence of unified key management tools can significantly reduce your ability to ensure solid ongoing security.


GDPR brings in mandatory breach reporting , new data governance requirements and harsher sanctions. From a financial and reputational point of view, your ability to demonstrate the existence of “adequate” data protection has never been more important.

How Silverstring can help

Identify your vulnerabilities – and how to address them

Encryption, access management, storage and backup: whatever tools and processes you need to stay secure, we can help.

Effective, workable encryption strategies

Security for your entire data estate – including large, complex and scattered environments.

Simplified key management for better use of your time

Silverstring specialises in deploying tools and processes that automate the creation, distribution and back-up of keys; just what you need for all key management to be handled from a central location.

Interoperability and integration

FDE, file & folder, container, cloud IaaS, cloud EFSS and others: get a single key management process to cover all your platforms.

Training and support

Giving your people the know-how necessary for you to maintain your security stance and stay in control of your security strategy.

Business as usual

Ensure seamless authorised user access to critical data. At the same time, make sure that if other layers of defence fail, your encryption “last line of defence” won’t let you down.

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