Transform your business with Predatar automation and orchestration.

Efficiently building and scaling a data protection managed service business can be hard. Predatar puts automation into the hands of your IT service team.

Digital transformation is happening quickly which brings new opportunities and challenges. Different approaches to architecture, service delivery and security require a more progressive management platform. Predatar is engineered to resolve the complexity prevalent within today’s enterprises.

The Predatar MSP Edition is the platform that will enable the delivery of resilient and cost effective global data protection services. Predatar unlocks new opportunities for the MSP as they help clients transition to hybrid cloud architectures.

The rise of cloud computing is disrupting the business model of the traditional IT channel. Customers are looking to consume, not just purchase, storage and backup platforms. Predatar changes the way in which clients can consume data protection as a service.

Predatar is the missing piece of this transformational puzzle for many IT service providers.



Predatar enables the delivery of multiple service models including remote management, on premises BaaS, Cloud Backup and DRaaS.

  • Hosted in the cloud and delivered as a subscription service, Predatar controls access to three levels of user: Service Provider, Organisation and Subscriber.
  • All users access Predatar via linked operator and consumer portals.
  • Are you looking for new ways to transform your business? With declining growth in hardware sales, are you looking for new revenue streams?
  • The way in which enterprises are looking to consume data protection is changing, and with Predatar businesses can offer new and progressive services.

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Predatar for Service Providers

Predatar helps service providers increase operating profit, boost collaboration between valued technical staff and build loyalty.