The supply chain ecosystem is changing.

The likes of Amazon are as adept at moving product as they are at selling it. To compete with the new breed of agile logistics companies, incumbents need the ability to put their data to work.

In response, Transport & Logistics specialists are already becoming more data-driven. IoT adoption is growing fast – and generating data even faster. At the same time, there’s the perennial challenge: to ‘win’, you need to be quicker than the competition at moving goods to where they need to be.

Data access and business continuity are now virtually synonymous. Without that access, your ability to deliver your core services collapses.

Against this backdrop, Silverstring delivers peace of mind

From scattered supply chains through to legacy systems, there may be roadblocks along the way. But Silverstring can help you reach your endpoint: data that is Secured, Available & Preserved.

When the data engine stops running, so do you

IT infrastructure inadequacies

You recognise the need to become more data-driven. But the technologies required to make this happen (e.g. sensor/smart tracking and other IoT capabilities) all invariably have one thing in common: they pump out huge amounts of information. Without changes to your existing IT infrastructure, it may be extremely difficult to collect, use and protect the extra data generated.

Compliance challenges

Contractual obligations with controllers aside, up until recently, mere processors of personal data faced relatively few direct regulatory obligations. GDPR changes this. Access limitation, purpose limitation and retention minimisation all demand careful attention as part of your wider data protection strategy.


Increasingly, there is no ‘manual override’. Data non-availability, even if an interruption is short-lived can mean that operations are crippled. SLAs are breached – and client churn is inevitable.

How Silverstring can help


Highlight your data risks. This includes the changes necessary to update your IT infrastructure – as well as the backup and support capabilities necessary to ensure your data is always available.


Simplify and consolidate across legacy and cloud platforms. As well as making data management and protection easier, this can also serve to give you a holistic view of data across your organisation; a ‘single version of the truth’ for better-informed decision making.


Automate processes for speed and agility in areas such as backup and recovery.


Control in your hands. Our service offerings are flexible – enabling you to match your preferences in terms of self-service or managed protection.

Sleep Easy


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