Your audience has a love-hate attitude to personalisation. Hyper-relevant media content tailored specifically to their needs: this is what keeps your viewers and readers coming back for more.

But privacy is now front page news – and more than ever, consumers need assurances that their data will be protected.

Meanwhile, from niche publishing houses to gaming studios, it has never been easier for creators to get their content in front of precisely the right audiences via multiple platforms.

But smart distribution demands detailed knowledge of the customer; something that requires granular data – and often phenomenal amounts of it.

An increase in data, means an increase in risk

Keeping this ever-growing stockpile of data Secure, Preserved and Available is vital – not just for on-demand distribution – but also for maintaining the trust of your audience.

Through tailored data protection, Silverstring delivers peace of mind in the face of these challenges. We aim to ensure you are fully equipped to deliver the secure yet ‘always-on’ service your audience now demands.

A challenging media landscape

From ‘content scarcity’ to ‘content everywhere’

As Deloitte highlighted recently, whereas in the past, media players “thrived through content scarcity” (available only via specific outlets at specific times), the reverse is now true. In short, platform downtime is deadly – at any time. And now that distribution is becoming increasingly personalised, data non-availability (even for a short period) inevitably jeopardises your entire distribution model.

Data drives content creation

From specialist industry publishers through to educational support services, direct relationships with the audience do not merely determine what to push out and when, but also the actual shape of the content those companies create. If the tap is turned off on the customer data, it directly affects your ability to create the relevant material your audience expects.

Is your data storage architecture fit-for-purpose?

Publishers can find themselves hamstrung by legacy data management systems. An upgrade or migration may seem an obvious solution, but when the sector is in a state of flux, the appetite for costly outlay often simply isn’t there. And especially where publications and studios merge, these newly enlarged organisations face a further problem: a sprawling data estate that is difficult and costly to maintain and protect.

How Silverstring can help

We design

Taking into account your operating model, business objectives and existing layout, we put together a solution to meet the specific needs of your organisation.

We simplify

And consolidate across legacy and cloud platforms. The aim is to make data management and protection less of a burden.

We automate

in areas such as backup and recovery, helping you to make best use of existing resources.

We give you control

With flexible service offerings, enabling you to match your preferences in terms of self-service or managed protection.

What it means for your organisation


Reduced outlay

As media outlets become more technologically driven, data storage can represent an ever-increasing proportion of overheads. With more efficient architecture in place, you are better equipped to scale up in a profitable way.


Geared up for Big Data

Are you ready for a data deluge? Helping you move away from slow, manual-intensive data protection and management. Enabling you to utilise Big Data for personalised content delivered swiftly to the end-user.


A holistic view

Data that is secure and consolidated, giving you a single view across your organisation. Exactly what’s needed for better-informed decision making.


Greater agility

A data platform that can accelerate, not hinder your business transformation.

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