Data is your most valuable asset. Used in the right way, it’s what allows you to understand your customers, shape your offerings and differentiate your brand. Price-wise, in the face of the Amazons of this world, it’s the one thing stopping you from joining in a race to the bottom.

In terms of volume, complexity, variety and importance, your data is soaring. Your people need access to it, always. And more than ever, your customers need to know that their personal data is in safe hands.

Silverstring helps retailers reach a level of data security, preservation and availability that reflects all of this. It’s about moving away from legacy systems, managing data protection in a better, less resource-heavy way – and achieving peace of mind.

Your shopfront might have changed – but keeping the lights on has never been more important

The proliferation of new sales channels, personalised customer experiences, the demise of the ‘season’ in favour of a constant conveyor belt of new stock: all of this has consequences for data protection.

Challenges we help retailers overcome

The ‘always on’ business model

Extending your international reach has never been easier. The downside? In terms of revenue, there is never a good time for system and database downtime.

Data protection and compliance-focused retention is everyone’s business

From PCI DSS through to GDPR, the data regulator now has sharper teeth. Mandatory breach reporting, bolstered rights to access, erasure and transfer: all of this has implications for retention policies – and means customers are increasingly likely to check that their data is in safe hands.

The analysis is constant

From store-level availability of individual lines through to ad-spend per-product & per-channel, you need to be able to shift gears at short notice. Data must be accessible for rolling analysis – and even the briefest interruption can lead to a damaging loss of control.

Dynamic pricing demands dynamic availability

A personalised experience requires constant access to both competitor and historic customer data. Without this, shopping experiences become disjointed and customers look elsewhere.

SIlverstring: a 4-stage plan for better managed data protection

Effective management of huge data stores isn't easy. This is certainly the case if you are grappling with a combination of legacy databases and new cloud architecture. And time spent on data security, preservation and availability means fewer resources devoted to the customer experience. Here's how Silverstring can help:


Highlight your data availability risks – and formulate an action plan to address them, including the type of backup & recovery support that’s vital for an ‘always on’ brand.


Simplify and consolidate across all of your platforms. The result should be a single view of your data across the entire organisation. Easier to view, manage and secure.


Automate where possible, in areas such as backup and recovery, freeing up your resources for more profitable activities.


Control in your hands, whether you are looking for complete self-service or managed protection, our service offerings are flexible enough to match your preferences and existing resource gaps.

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