Good luck is when opportunity meets preparation. Bad luck is when lack of preparation meets reality.

Sleep Easy

Asking ‘What If? always beats asking ‘What just happened?’

  • What if our people were stopped from accessing the data they need?
  • What if a shift in business focus causes a massive influx of data?
  • What if core platforms were hit by a ransomware attack?
  • What if we finally updated our legacy data management processes?

‘Wait and see’ is not a fact finding strategy. An outage or breach response scenario is rarely the right time to start asking questions. Likewise, if you only ever test the mettle of your data architecture through permanently altering it, the answers you get may be too little, too late. The Silverstring Sleep Easy Study is designed to give you answers to essential data protection questions within the safest possible environment and at the right time.

A programme covering your entire organisation, it enables you to isolate your data protection risks, identify wider business opportunities, guide you on what action to take next – and assist you with getting there.

Benchmark your current position with a Sleep Easy Study

Highlighting areas of exposure

We provide a thorough risk profile, showing where and how your current protection stance could be strengthened.

A better understanding of your data estate

How has the gradual reshaping of your company impacted your data and the way it is stored and managed? How well do you understand the data under your care? Newly-appointed CIOs, companies inheriting legacy stockpiles following M&A activity, managers craving the reassurance of a fresh pair of eyes: all can benefit from a Sleep Easy Study.

A meaningful ROI assessment

How can your existing data management processes be made more efficient? The Sleep Easy Study can provide a roadmap for an overhaul of existing, manually intensive data protection solutions. It means a freeing-up of resources for more profitable activities.

Enabling business transformation

Is it possible to ramp up data volume, while ensuring ongoing data availability? From the roll-out of increasingly personalised service offerings, through to IoT adoption, proposed new initiatives lead invariably to an influx of data. The Sleep Easy Study enables you to assess what needs to be done to absorb these changes.

Probably the most valuable health check your company will ever take

Here’s what’s included


Storage practice assessment, including compliance-focused minimisation and risk limitation


Capacity health check (based on current and projected needs)


External threat resilience testing, including restoration capabilities in the event of ransomware and similar threat vectors


Audits of existing Cloud & on-premise protection (can our existing strategy be relied on when needed?)


Scale-up assessment: precisely what needs to be done to safely accommodate increased data volume?


Value-for-money analysis: where can savings be made?

Here’s How It Works

The essentials

Investment: £13,750

Duration: 6-8 weeks from initial investigations, to asset delivery.

Sleep Easy Discovery

Our process starts with a comprehensive fact-finding exercise. This combines expert assessment of your data storage & protection architecture, as well as a series of interviews, workshops and discussions with key people within your organisation.

This works best when there is input from decision makers – as well as the people who have day-to-day involvement in data protection, compliance and security. It’s why we always recommend getting input from across all levels of your organisation as part of our discovery process.

Through this approach, we get a thorough understanding of your current way of working, your future goals, current vulnerabilities and areas ripe for improvement.

Sleep Easy Insight

The Sleep Easy Study has been devised to equip you to make concrete, workable improvements to your current data protection systems and processes. It’s done via a 3-part map.

Part 1

The Sleep Easy Synopsis

A detailed summary of our findings and a list of recommendations for improvement.

Part 2

The Sleep Easy Heatmap

Taking the three core elements of data protection (Security, Availability & Preservation), we grade each component of your environment based on four ‘Sleep States’; Insomnia, Fitful, Restful and REM (the optimal state). From this, you can identify the areas most in need of change, allowing you to prioritise accordingly.

Part 3

The Sleep Easy Roadmap

This takes into account not just your data protection vulnerabilities, but also your wider business objectives. Comprising a series of steps, it provides a workable plan for helping you to get to where your organisation needs to be.

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