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Instant data protection compliance for IBM Spectrum Protect - Predatar version 9.2

Posted by Alistair Mackenzie on 15-Jul-2016 10:57:13

Topics: Data Protection, MSPs, Spectrum Protect, Predatar, Formula One, Compliance, Service Provider

Last weekend I had the privilege of attending the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, courtesy of Red Bull Racing. I got a chance to see up close how the Red Bull team go about their business. On race day they managed to split the two Mercedes drivers with Max Verstappen getting 2nd place ahead of the penalised Nico Rosberg.

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Don’t fight the agile digital disruption, capitalise on it!

Posted by Joe Mayhew on 01-Jul-2016 16:00:00

Topics: Data Protection, Predatar, digital disruption

Well, you could fight it, but it would be a waste of time and wouldn’t get you brownie points when asked to deliver greater value with lower costs.

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New release helps IBM unlock the cloud for next generation data protection

Posted by Alistair Mackenzie on 20-Jun-2016 12:28:17

Topics: Cloud, IBM, Predatar

The latest release of Spectrum Protect positions IBM & Silverstring as leaders in complete data backup, archiving and IT resiliency. When combined with other technologies in the stable such as Cleversafe Object storage, Cloud and the Predatar platform for data protection, the options for managing the data of enterprise accounts now match the modern challenges they face. When considered as a complete data protection solution, there are no other vendors that can deliver the business benefits of the Silverstring / IBM value proposition.

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Predatar APIs deliver next generation platform for service providers

Posted by Alistair Mackenzie on 03-Jun-2016 17:11:03

Topics: Features, Cloud, Predatar, apis

Management gurus like Tom Peters have long advised companies to focus on what they do best and outsource the rest. As a result enterprises are increasingly turning to specialist service providers to take care of the mundane tasks such as backup administration. The competition among MSPs to win this business is driving them to up their game and some are turning to APIs to give them an edge.

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Qualifying Cleversafe

Posted by Thomas Cowley on 20-May-2016 18:57:29

Topics: Features, Cloud, Predatar, cleversafe

One of the much-vaunted acquisitions made by IBM recently has been Cleversafe, an exceptionally strong contender in the large volume data storage space. We covered the mechanics of the solution on another blog here; and our technical team view it as a great solution, but there are some searching questions we need to ask when thinking about whether Cleversafe is the right fit for your business.


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What I learnt from a day at Red Bull Racing

Posted by Chloe Craughan on 29-Apr-2016 17:01:02

Topics: Features, Cloud, Flash, Events, Predatar

Yesterday Silverstring hosted their first customer event of the year at Red Bull Racing in Milton Keynes.  Why there I hear you ask? 



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Flape and Floud.....Huh?

Posted by Thomas Cowley on 15-Apr-2016 16:30:00

Topics: Features, Cloud, Flash, flash storage, Predatar

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve dug around storage technologies on this blog, so it seems a reasonable point to discuss two of the strangest terms bandied about in the storage world over the past year, or so.

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Spectrum Protect V7.1.5 - exciting new features

Posted by Dave White on 01-Apr-2016 17:25:30

It still remains to be seen how successful the re-branding of TSM and the other storage products within the ‘Spectrum’ range will be. Here at Silverstring, we reckon it will be a while before we stop saying TSM. However, looking on the brightside, when undergoing a rebrand last year at least IBM didn’t consult the good people of the internet to ‘crowdsource’ a name for the product, unlike the Natural Environment Research Council recently did for their lovely new £200 million polar research vessel. (More info on that here.)

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Predatar V9 is here!

Posted by Alistair Mackenzie on 23-Mar-2016 17:07:34

Topics: Predatar, version 9

As traditional backup software has grown to include disaster recovery, cold storage and high availability it remains a prominent member of businesses’ list of worries. Despite the desire to focus on more “front of house” projects, data protection in its many forms continues to consume a significant chunk of the IT budget.

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Cleversafe Object Storage – It IS big and it IS clever...and Safe.

Posted by Dave White on 04-Mar-2016 17:31:56

Topics: TSM, object storage, Predatar, cleversafe

In recent years the growth in unstructured data has brought about the creation of a new type of storage – Object Storage – which is much better suited to unstructured data than traditional block storage and filesystems.   Its different to block storage in a number of ways which will take too long to explain here.  If you’ve seen a picture of a cat on Facebook or listened to a tune on Spotify you’ve retrieved an object from object storage.

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